Blue Chip Investors Look to Clean Energy

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Oct. 23 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Angus McCrone reports on blue chip investors, pensions investing in wind and solar energy projects. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “The Pulse.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Is that accelerating?

We have been looking and -- and it is quite extensively.

Four or five years ago, institutions in europe were only investing about $1 billion a year indra nooyi projects.

That is now up to about re- billion dollars.

-- $3 billion a year.

It would be nice to think this was done out of concern for the planet.

This is more about concern for the yields.

That is right.

You have got your liabilities, your pensioners to pay in the future.

You're looking for some solid yields.

At the moment, you're not getting much from government bonds.

You may be getting 2.5%. a bit more from some of the others.

It is not a great yield.

You are looking for something that can deliver more like 6%. infrastructure is a growing area in general.

There aren't all that many infrastructure opportunities.

Renewable energy is available as an opportunity and there is inflation protection as well as the yield.

If yields were to rise in government bonds, with the become less interested or do you think this is becoming an established part of the portfolio?

Fax there are two things that could interrupt the trend.

One is a sharp upward move in government bonds.

Institutions would start looking back at government bonds.

Maybe we don't want to look at 6% with renewable energy projects.

That is one of the dangers.

The other danger is we have seen in some southern european and -- countries, some destabilizing policies.

If that was to come in some of the core markets like france, germany, the u.k. and scandinavia, that would scare investors.

Angus, thank you very much indeed.

Nice to see you.

Thank you for joining us.

For those listening on bloomberg radio, the first word is up next.

For our viewers it is a second hour of "the pulse." coming up, and edwards joined me as my coanchor.

We are talking a lot about apple.

I know you're picking up on that theme.

I am delving into the world of aircraft.

We are talking about going.

Their numbers are coming up fairly shortly.

Plenty to talk about about the dreamliner.

The airbus in the japanese market also a key interest.

Plenty to talk about.

In the air and on the air.

It is an air theme running through the show.

I look forward to it already.

Anna, thank you very much indeed.

We are back in a few minutes.

"the pulse" will continue after this short break.


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