Competing in the Business Intelligence Space

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Aug. 6 (Bloomberg) -- Qlikview Israel Co-CEO Joel Sela discusses the company's business and business discovery technology on Bloomberg Television's "Money Moves". (Source: Bloomberg)

Glowing -- the growing global interest.

We see many great things.

Companies see it as an advantage , using the information they are collecting and investing millions in collecting them . when they can take advantage on those stories and those files, they see it as a very important part of the way of winning in the market.

You are not the only company doing business intelligence.

Who are your biggest rivals and what are the biggest challenges to your business?

There are competitors.

Competitors like ibm, and others.

Thanks to the unique technology, we are still leading the tab -- leading the market.

You are growing very fast, but what is it about the unique tech knowledge he that could possibly get a company of your scale a competitive that the vantage against a company like ibm?

Traditional business intelligence is heavily dependent on the i.t. departments.

They will do the digging, trying to find the answer and valuable information.

They not compare themselves to the whole company, who is trying to -- with the business discovery technology, we are beleaguered in the ability to make those questions and regulate users within the company.

This expands the way -- the fastness they can get the answers.

This is the leading edge to those companies.

It is coming up on 26 past the hour, which means that

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