Bloomberg Serves Up White House Eco Tennis Loss

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July 19 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Hans Nichols and Peter Cook recap their rematch on the tennis court with the White House economics team of Gene Sperling and Alan Krueger, resulting in a 7-4 victory for team Bloomberg. They speak on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop."

We did it for you.

How good does it feel, how sweet is revenge, really?

It comes at a bit of a cost because sperling was injured -- at least pretended to be.

A competitive guy, former captain of the minnesota tennis team.

We took it to them and got a bit of redemption.

You actually injured a player?

One of the president's top economists.

The economy may not recover.

What was the final score?

7-4. it was a tie breaker.

It was a success.

We did avenge last year's defeat.

Really, it is all the bragging rights.

For a year or so we have been lamenting our loss, and now we get a year to lord this over.

Who else was playing?

Martina hingis.

We were allowed to be on the court with the former no.

1 in the world.

Hans took it to her on one exchange.

I was out there basically just watching and enjoying myself.

It was fun, never some good players out there.

Members of congress, the administration, as well as some of the tennis pros.

Mel watt, who was roughed up in his hearing to become the half fha, and it was a steamy night.

The ndp was david gregory.

He was quite a player.

He was on our squad and helped to propel us to victory.

Did gene have any words of congratulations for you?

Gracious in defeat.

We pressed him on the issue that if the president chooses a fed chaired just based on his tennis, who would he pick?

He did not take the bait.

He said he would not comment on any selection process.

Take a listen.

We spoke to them after.

2013 chaired a classic.

Bloomberg have gone a bit as sweet revenge.

I was weak, hans was strong.

This was the most disappointing experience i have had in nearly four years working for the president.

This is a victory for bloomberg this year.

The most disappointing moment in his four years at the white house.

And you are responsible for it.

I do not know.


I am pleased that you were able to avenge that, and congratulations.

We look forward to playing you and adam later.


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