The Top Ten Stocks for Sept. 3

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Sept. 3 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Trish Regan and Michael McKee report on today’s top ten stocks on “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Slightly, and they are starting a quit smoking campaign and have changed their name.

They have halted sales of tobacco rod x at 7700 cvs -- tobacco sales at 7700 cvs pharmacies.

And the amazon vice president of finance and former ge executive will take over as ceo, and the to will work together over the next month to help with the transition at amazon, and you have to control expenses there if you are kiev ohrid greg indeed.

All right, number eight, down 10%, eight brand name hairdryer and curling iron company.

I cannot believe i do not know this company.

This is across all its segments, helen of troy, and -- i do not know the company.

Number seven, lumber look what a, upgraded to outperform from neutral, saying the worst of the company supply chain and competitor issues are behind it, hitting a one-month high, and this is what we saw with home depot, some good news there.

Lumber and what eight or.

-- lumber liquidators.

The stock suffering a decline in the number of new homes ordered in the quarter.

Number five, tesla, with the possibility that they may have found a place for their giga battery plant.

We will be all over that story for you.

All right, moving on, number 4, u.s. steel.

Yes, they are up 3%, a top deck by morgan stanley who also raised their view.

Morgan stanley citing structural and cyclical improvements, and the stock is at a three-year high before pulling back just a little bit.

Number three, hitting the highest level since 2013 after posting a much smaller than estimated loss, navistar, and they expect 2014 deliveries to rise.

Through technology is is up, and this is a travel management company, and they concur that they have approached sap as well as oracle, and oracle declined a purchase, and this is, apparently, one of these cloud affecting our businesses deals.

And the number one stock, delta, down, the worst performer in the s&p today after it lowered its forecast for summer, third-quarter targets, profit suffering, and dragging down the entire airline sector with them.

I was just talking to the cfo of united, john rainey, and he was saying that one of the big challenges is figuring out what fuel cost i going to be.

That is basically 30% of their is this coming and he said a one dollar move in fuel prices to the upside means i've got to say i don't think, fan of the new music.

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