The Top Ten Stocks for Aug. 12

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Aug. 12 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Trish Regan and Julie Hyman report on today’s top ten stocks on “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Heading into the close it's time for your top 10. abercrombie & fitch in the red.

Moving after being upgraded from hold to buy.

They cited a favorable change in abercrombie's merchandising mix and a notable rise in month to date sales.

Skullcandy up 5% raise to a hold from underperform siding product of source month -- ci ting product assortment.

They were added to the citi focus list.

Solar city says they expect flat or slightly lower panel prices as they move to cut installation costs.

Rackspace is down 6%. revenue rising but it was faster growth of the cloud business.

They are seeing more mainstream businesses looking for managed hosting as they move to the cloud.

Number sixes williams-sonoma.

They were listed by citi as the top back-to-school season pick on prospects for the pottery barn unit which they see as driving the revenue.

Target is up about 0.3% and the new ceo brian cornell has his first day today.

They want to boost performance still in the u.s. and canada.

They are still reeling from the late 2013 data breach where hackers stole information from millions of customers although it is just past that now and it has to focus on u.s. business lagging and the canadian businesses struggling.

Cornell has a lot to do.

It is not easy to rebuild consumer trust.

Moving on to four.

Plummeting down over 35%. the maker prostate cancer drug provenge has seen much of the value disappear amid slowing sales of the drug.

There's a significant risk they will not be able to refinance or repay bondholders.

Twitter is in the green.

Revenue was encouraging.

They will be encouraging users to post more videos.

Marketers will be able to paper clinic.

Caesar's down 8 percent.

The casino operator with $20 billion in obligations says they reached a deal to cut debt by almost $550 million after an auction for bankrupt the atlantic city casino was postponed last week.

There were no bidders.

It sounds like it will be shutting down entirely.

Atlantic city is a tough place to be right now.

The number one stock of the day is tesla in the red -- actually, just managed to eke out again.

$ 259.70 and it is at the center of a new "consumer reports" article.

The model s is the best reviewed car of the year but it exhibited minor flaws after months of driving.

Nonetheless the stock is ending up just barely a touch.

Here we are on the close.

Averages in the green for most

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