The Top Ten Stocks for Aug. 29

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Aug. 29 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Trish Regan, Matt Miller and Olivia Sterns report on today’s top ten stocks on “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Know about today.

Number 10, big lots.

Despite posting second-quarter earnings that beat rest -- beat estimates by a penny.

They announced a buyback of up to 120 5 million in stocks.

Number nine, pacific somewhere in the red.

Matching estimates of a loss of three cents.

Revenue in same-store sales higher than forecast but expecting a bigger loss than expected for the third quarter.

That is the problem is teenagers are not shopping there, you are.

Johnson & johnson up slightly.

Exploring a sale of the market that has a heart stent.

Said to be with as much as $2 billion.

Number seven, astrazeneca.

The new cancer drug has moved into a mid-stage study giving many hope for success.

It is designed to help the immune system ward off to new -- tumors.

Jpmorgan off slightly this -- up slightly despite the news that the hacker has stolen gigabyte and for others in june.

They were not caught until mid august.

Number five, tesla up almost three percent.

Rising to a record high yet again.

The carmaker reached an agreement with china to create a vehicle charging network in the country.

Tesla signed a deal to bring -- build 400 charging stations at 420 cities.

How, i got the jpmorgan story, which is your story go and you get the tesla story, which is mine.

I do not understand that.

I am the car guy.

Speaking of, you would not believe it.

You are on the cover of "usa today." that is the sound of pride right there.

Check it out, everybody.

Number four, google in the green.

Google entering the drone business, taking on the likes of amazon.

Drones are said to be used to deliver goods directly to customers and will fly through program to use.

Semiconductor maker posted earnings.

Increased demand for the smartphone chips help the company to double revenue.

I thought it was an incubator?

No, the iphone six.

They will be at the supplier.

Number two the web advertising company of over 20% after a newspaper reported the publicist group in france may be close to a deal to acquire the accompanying according to reports.

They began talks with criteo a couple of months again.

The number one stocks toda today, jumping the most it has jumped in nine months after raising the full year, splunk.

The stock has more than tripled since the ipo in 2012. don't you wish you bought its?

The close of trading here.

Here is the close as we go into

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