The Top Ten Stocks for Aug. 18

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Aug. 18 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Matt Miller and Olivia Sterns report on today’s top ten stocks on “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Olivia sterns is here with me because it is time for the top 10. tesla in the red, reversing earlier gains, and they talked about orders for their first electric vehicles, which is a high-performance model of the s, and now going electric with a price tag of $200,000, twice what tesla charges its customers.

Number nine, now flat today, a company caught up in controversy over the collapse of the second-biggest bank in the country of portugal, credit suisse.

Baucas beurre desanto b --anco sspirito santo.

Part of an effort to boost international profit, passing $1 billion this year, 20th century fox -- 21st century fox.

And one stock undervalued, given the media company, and they had an upgrade, cbs.

Number six, sprint, preparing to rollout a new price plan for customers according to the wall street journal.

There is no word on what the price plan will look like, but they have tested an unlimited talk and text and data plan for $15 a month.

I am waiting for iliad.

The french company.

Number five, where you go on vacation, getting a boost after initiating coverage on the stock with an outperform rating, shares likely near the bottom after suffering negative publicity, seaworld, after a documentary.

Shares are down.

And i also have a number of for you are, a tie, home depot and lowe's, the stocks getting a boost today.

It is said investors should own both stocks, as they are expected to do better than general expected earnings.

I am excited to see those results tomorrow.

Maybe you are excited because you have been drinking monster.

Monster beverage is number three.

It is down, with some action on coca-cola announcing it would buy the company for $2 billion, or to buy a stake, i should say, you billion dollars, and they were downgraded by jefferies, while credit suisse raised its target on the stock, so going in different directions.

That is what makes the market.

All right, number two, apache.

They made a major discovery they say in australia, and this is off their western australia which could involve 300 million barrels of crude, one of the largest oil discoveries green fascinating.

Number one is dollar general.

A bidding war after an offer for the family dollar store, challenging dollar tree's eight point i've billion dollar takeover.

He learned that movies has placed dollar general on review for a downgrade, so things are getting more and more[closing bell] there is the closing bell.

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