The Top Ten Stocks for Aug. 15

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Aug. 15 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Trish Regan and Olivia Sterns report on today’s top ten stocks on “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

I am trish regan.

"street smart" is heading into the close.

I am here with olivia sterns.

We are going to give you your top 10. the makeup company recorded estimates --beating estimates.

The company said it has seen solid growth in china, one of its most promising emerging markets.

Number nine is jcpenney dow 3% posting a narrower second-quarter loss.

It was helped by the revival of promotions and discounts which brought back shoppers.

It has not had an annual profit in three years.

Do you know where they are opening later this month?


We will see how that goes.

Number eight, nordstrom down 5%. the department chain missed same-store sales estimates in the recent quarter as the retail industry struggles.

The company says he purchased -- its urges of the men's online clothing service will reduce full-year earnings by as much as 10%. investor carl icon has disclosed a new stake in the company.

He said he planned to mount a campaign to separate the print and broadcasting businesses but they beat him to it.

He still wants to talk to management.

The region cruise line up 2%. the operator's stock was added to citi's focus list saying booking volumes have increased with an indicated in the recent earnings call.

Ebay in the red today.

It is said to be looking into bitcoin according to a story in the "wall street journal" today.

The company is said to be in talk with providers to integrate the virtual currency into paypal.

Paypal owns braintree which provides payment processing for mobile.

This would be pretty cool.

Soon you could be paid with bitcoin.

I like it.

Verizon down .3%. the wireless company moving after berkshire hathaway said it had increased its investment why 36% in the second quarter.

That boosts its ownership to 15 million shares valued at about $750 million.

Allergan up.

Paulson's confidence is sending stocks soaring.

Number two is supervalu dow 3%. the supermarket chain falling after notifying customers of a criminal intrusion on the computer system.

It may have resulted in the theft of account numbers or cardholder names.

Moving onto our number one stock of the day, monster energy trading up better than 30%. a huge move.

Coca cola also moving higher.

It is taking a 17% stake in the energy drink company and swapping some brands in the deal.

The two companies are also sharing marketing, production, and distribution aiding monster's access to the global markets.

Big upside in monster's stock today on that news.

The dow is finishing the day in the red but off the lows we saw

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