The Top Ten Stocks for Aug. 14

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Aug. 14 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Matt Miller and Olivia Sterns report on today’s top ten stocks on “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Know about.

Berkshire hathaway, a shares, above $200,000 a share for the first time ever.

They reached the latest milestone seven years and 10 months after the stock first reached $100,000. number nine, techmera, everyone's favorite ebola drug.

The company has seen sinking business approaches and has reasonable confidence in their ability to address fda concerns.

Number eight, china mobile, up 3%, as the world's largest phone company by users will cut $2 million from its budget.

You do, in china, what government regulators tell you to.

Particularly if you are a foreign auto company.


You have to do it or leave.

Moving on, number seven, progressive, they got a boost as citi upgraded their shares today buy.

Number six, cisco, eliminating 6000 jobs in a new round of cuts.

They are forecasting little to no sales growth including the latest firings -- growth.

Including the latest -- the latest firings, they have gotten rid of 26,000 jobs, but as eric schmidt told they hired 34,000. he is the head of data.

General electric, number four.

They are in talks about the sale of their home appliance business.

A consumer product start up is also in consideration for the unit.

They could fetch at least $2 billion.

This is another sign that ceo jeffrey immelt is focused on the industrial business.

We know he spun off ge capital.

Potentially is getting out of the refrigerator and washer business.

I have been covering companies like siemens and ge and it makes me laugh a little bit too -- a little bit to see them focus on their core business.

Something tells me executives make money when they do this kind of thing.

Certainly number four.

-- certainly the bankers do.

Number 4 -- noodles falling.

They missed estimates by two cents with second-quarter earnings of $.12 per share.

Revenue also fell below analyst forecasts.

I can safely say i have never been to noodles and company, but i have been to burger king.

It is trading flat.

Sad news for the health conscious fast food eaters.

They are phasing out the low-fat french -- french fries because they said they failed to satisfy.

Who wants to eat low-fat fries, -- fries?

I do not, but you told me you never eat at fast food.

If i do, burger king is my second choice after wendy's. cells were positive after -- sales were positive at coles with back-to-school shopping.

Whenever i'm here, we missed the bell.

You notice that?

Walmart cut its earnings forecast for the year.

As i said earlier, if your employees are happy, customers will come, and that's not happening at walmart.

Or market basket.

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