The Top Ten Stocks for Aug. 13

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Aug. 13 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Trish Regan and Matt Miller report on today’s top ten stocks on “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)


I am alongside matt miller who is joining me for top 10. number 10. ford up one percent.

The automaker got an upgrade.

Analysts citing better than expected sales.

Last month it ordered $1.3 billion.

The world's largest agricultural equipment maker cut its forecast.

The company said it will scale back production as lower crop prices are cutting back spending for farmers.

There was an improvement in construction.

The themepark operator reported that lower the than normal.

Treatment of wales hurt.

The documentary that chronicles the life of a killer whale.

They are too big to be kept in those little cages.

An internet company posts a 59% surge in corporate profit.

The company added more games and shopping to the one billion users.

Number six is king digital.

Second-quarter sales trailed estimates.

The company said it is struggling to monetize current titles and is looking to monetize certain games.

What a horrible game.

The largest u.s. videogame company is heading into the session with two of the biggest titles.

My favorite game, colin doody -- call of duty, and destiny.

They are seeing less competition.

No candy crush.

You like the games with the guns.

It's not about the guns.

It kind of is.

I just do not dig on candy crush.

I played it a few days, but i couldn't play it much more.

Amazon up almost three percent.

The retailer announced it will be selling a credit card reader.

The free software and $10 reader will let merchants accept major debit and credit cards and check metrics like sales trends.

We have been talking about that.

It is a tough market.

Next is kate spade.

The company reported a narrow net loss for the second quarter.

Earnings of five percent a share.

I love her bangles.

Next the fashions accessories maker reported earnings that beat estimates.

Same-store sales stayed flat but better than expected.

I knew it was a watchmaker.

Maybe they make some shoes.

It is a little too manly for me.

Maybe it does make a bangle.

Number one, macy's down almost six percent.

They trim the sails[closing bell] here we are at the close of trading.

Despite the disappointing news, the market is ending the day up 88 points, closing at its highest level this month led by health care and technology surging more than 1%. the nasdaq, as we were saying earlier, jumping roughly better

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