Blinkbox: Netflix’s British Enemy

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August 19 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Cliff Edwards reports on Netflix’s struggle to turn a profit from its international operations and the company’s new competitors in the U.K. (Source: Bloomberg)

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Netflix may be the world's largest producer of fortune service but the company is still struggling to snap up fans outside the u.s. the digital video giant has still not turned a profit from its international operations and overseas competitors could be hurting its chances.

A british company is upping its investment in blinkbox.

Other retailers like wal-mart are also offering their own digital entertainment platform.

So what will it take for netflix to fend off foreign competitors?

Is it really about the local competitors keeping netflix from being a good to get a true fold?

Unlike the u.s. where they pioneered the market, they are going up against some entrenched competitors, like amazon's subscription service, and blinkbox.

Blinkbox is different in that they also offer things like music and e-books.

They are a retailer moving into the digital realm.

Sort of the opposite of what amazon has done.

Amazon is a digital retailer moving into digital stuff, creating locations around the country.

Tesco is doing the opposite.

They are a huge retailer.

Sony and viacom just formed a ownership -- partnership.

How can netflix compete with these giants?

It comes down to content and how much people are willing to pay for it.

Netflix has a lock on the price that they charge, but it comes down to content.

They are doing deals with disney and dreamworks which are rolling out now, and that is when they expect to jump ahead of the competition.

His original content a critical piece?

Netflix has been working more and more on the original shows, like "house of cards." i am obsessed with "orange is the new black" but it did not give them as much of a bond that they thought it would in earnings.

I think they have other stuff that stands up and others do not have.

It all comes back to content.

Not necessarily original, but stuff that will be different for you to tune in for.

So these deals with other companies will be the bread-and- butter?

The original content is extra?

Yes, it is the icing on the cake.

You will be able to get the disney stuff elsewhere, depending on if you want to wait, but when it comes down to all of these companies is how much it was to pay for exclusive content.

Thank you.

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