Can Blaze Pizza Take Their Slice of the Pie?

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Aug. 14 (Bloomberg) –- Blaze Pizza President Jim Mizes discusses the art of customizing pizza, competition and partnering with LeBron James. He speaks on “Market Makers.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Pizza and a fast way to go seems very difficult.

That is really how we have changed the game for pizza.

Guess come in, to go down the line and we can serve them in about two minutes.

They consider the sauce and cheese and proteins and vegetables that goes into our gas-fired oven.

And about two to three minutes you're calling your name for your perfect pizza.

How long does it take?

Sounds like you want to be deborah rito chipotle of pizza.

How long does it take?

We do admire chipotle.

-- it sounds like you want to be the burrito chipotle of pizza.

What that enables is pizza is now something you can have for lunch, a high-quality heat the for lunch.

Historically pizza has been a dinner product and we have revolutionized the way it is delivered to our guest.

The admiration you have described chipotle leads me to believe you are not competing with domino's or pizza hut.

Who are you after?

We are competing for the stomach of the guests.

What is important is because we're so fast and the quality is so high, we are competing for those going out to lunch.

Just happens to be a great product for lunch and dinner.

The midday snack for students and millennial, the date night attraction is there.

Because it is so high quality and fresh and fast it works through all day.

What is your price points?

We sell a $15 pizza for $7.5. but how do you make money off of that taco lack?

We do quite well.

We are built around high quality and speed.

Taking a page from the great leaders in the industry, chipotle being one of them, starbucks as well, we focus on simplicity and high quality audits.

The gas-fired oven has changed the game for how we can deliver it in three minutes.

That implies unique a lot of workers to turn over the volume and implies you will have to pay over for high quality ingredients which leads me to the question of what is your goal?

We have taken pizza back to its roots.

They are a little bit lighter with fresher ingredients.

Azeris -- as a result we have people who have to make it down the line.

We are able to achieve very good margins and margins that are typical in the fast food is missed.

What is your secret to finding good real estate?

That in so many cases explains the success or failure of a fast food restaurant.

I think the secret is the success we have had so far.

Landlord looking for retailers that bring a lot of guests.

Many of the restaurants we are serving a taking -- 800,000 to 100,000 per day.

That is good revenue for us.

-- 8000 to 10,000 per day.

It is good for the guess that have a variety of options to choose from as they look to dine.

You mentioned the chipotle model and how much you admire that in some ways but chipotle is getting into your business.

They are launching a new pizza endeavor.

What are you doing to protect yourself?

We are continuing to grow and stay focused on high food quality.

Chipotle validates this is a hot, great category.

We will continue to operate the way we do.

We see chipotle.

They have been into our restaurants and we certainly look at how they operate and validates or the consumer what a great revolutionary product for technology.

We mentioned maria shriver and lebron james are investors.

Does having them as investors do anything for you?

Obviously they are great partners that give us a lots of pr.

Everywhere lebron has gone he is either built a winner or been

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