Blackstone Profit Rises 3% on Real Estate Gain

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Oct. 17 (Bloomberg) -- Blackstone Group said third-quarter profit rose 3 percent as gains in property holdings offset a decline in its buyout unit. Devin Banerjee has more on Bloomberg Television's "Money Moves." (Source: Bloomberg)

Real estate trumps everything else.

Being thoroughly get -- biggest landlord, much more profitable than traditional pe.


Real estate really carrying blackstone.

Companywide profit of three percent.

What are the underlying business doing?

Hedge fund earnings down seven percent.

Credit earnings down four percent.

Real estate earnings up 43%. that is pretty clear.

Let's go to more of the traditional companies.

See world sticks out in my mind because of the animals but there are energy plays.

Those actually, the value of those declined about the same.

I went through the figures, and around 11% each.

Boston still has a lot of work to do with buyout holdings.

Particularly those in the 21 point 7 billion dollar fund that they raised in 2000 six.

The world down 16% in the third quarter.

Struggling with lower attendance at the parks.

Company says it is bad weather, easter, too high of prices.

Also the documentary blackfish playing in.

You never know.

That company did well and now it is down.

They have worked to do on those holdings.

Blackstone largest asset management in the world.

250 billion under an attachment.

Company has been fairly vocal about the fed and what has been going on in d.c.. what do they think -- how does it serve them to be so vocal and how does it affect business?

Aon 200 $50 billion worth of assets.

They have a big hand in the economy.

Not as big as some institutions, but certainly in the private

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