BlackBerry Wants to Sell Itself by Year End: Blair

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Sept. 18 (Bloomberg) -- Wedge Partners' Brian Blair discusses BlackBerry slashing its workforce by up to 40% and the company's effort to sell itself. He speaks with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

I am joined by brian blair.

First of all, for two percent.

That is almost half the company.

What is your -- 40% . that is a must-have the company.

What is your take?

I think it is smart to get really lean right now.

Anybody who is buying this company or considering buying pieces of it does not want to take on the full load of employees.

They are probably looking for ip, they are looking for patents.

This is a smart move in preparation for a sale.

And where are we in preparation for a sale?

We have been talking about this for months.

When is it going to happen?

I believe they are trying as hard as they can to get something done by the end of this calendar year.

One of the things we are picking up right now is that both consumers and enterprise customers are really just stopping blackberry sales they had been considering over the past three to six months.

Ever since they put themselves up for sale, people have been wondering if this will remain a growing concern.

And i.t. manager or somebody considering purchasing blackberry, you have to take pause about buying these devices.

They are saying a real acceleration in decline and they do not want to report a week november quarter because they are seeing subscribers leave.

Their units are in decline.

What company would want to buy them?

Obviously, microsoft already bought nokia.

Google bot motorola mobility.

-- purchased motorola mobility.

We don't know if anybody is interested, what i think we could see a chinese player come in like lenovo or one of these larger asian players who can say, there is value to this 70 million subscriber base to the older blackberries.

Even if those are lower-priced devices, i could see them coming in and purchasing the devices division and sell those products at $150 and take a slim margin off of it.

I think it is likely to be one of those players.

I do not see any case for one of the big, microsoft or apple or google coming in for this one.

It is a big screen, five inch screen -- it does not matter.

Why not?

We already know that nobody cares about to the bb10 operating system.

The first quarter of sales cemented that fact.

This product does not matter.

It is not that it is not innovative, it is just that nobody was buying the z10. nobody's going to buy a version of it with an inch bigger screen.

Users have decided they are not moving to blackberry.

It is unfortunate timing for this headline ahead of what apple is doing this week.

It is unfortunate timing to release this device today, but at the end of the day nobody really cares.

We will see small unit sales.

What is the fate of this company westmark what is the fate of blackberry?

-- what is that they did this company?

What is the fate of blackberry?

It will be broken up into pieces.

We sales -- we still see the devices division growing.

I think it is focused eerily on emerging markets.

We will seal -- we will still see parts of it sold in southeast asia, india.

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