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Jan. 7 (Bloomberg) –- Kobi Partners Managing Partner Greg Rayburn and Bloomberg’s Jon Erlichman examine BlackBerry’s turnaround strategy with Cory Johnson on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Because of his diet, will be jon erlichman.

I am not seeing hostess, i'm not think cap dancing children, i'm not being throw hot water because i do not think throwing hot water on the electronics would be a good thing.

We're seeing a lot of stuff going on.

Young the neighborhood of 20,000 products, 15 plus categories.

You have the big stuff, the big debut, the curb tvs -- the curved tvs, and then you have the side stories.

Not everything on the store -- showroom floors what you want to be focused on.

We caught up with the ceo blackberry away from the floor, asking a question about the future of the device and what it looks like the keyboard, touch can, here is what he had to say.

I firstly love the keyboard, so we would look to blackberry going forward through keyboards.

I would not use the word exclusively, but we dominantly.

-- we dominantly.

-- predominatly.

There is a gadget you can put on the top of the iphone that has a very black hairy like feel.

-- blackberry like feel.

I want to talk to you a little bit about black area of turnaround strategy dare.

-- blackberry and the turnaround strategy there.

I was a stockholder, and i paid attention.

I think john jan is a great choice for them, but it is a collection -- chen is a great choice for them, but isoitit is a classic case of leadership matters.

Commercially the leadership was not working.

They were talking about the inability to adapt.

You can always make an argument that they held onto long, but that is what founders do.

They created a tremendous amount of value for a lot of people.

Frankly, when they made that choice, i was still holding blackberry stock, and trying to get into a nap -- new platform, and i was eagerly waiting that.

I thought with his background at siemens, and his repudiation as the guy who can keep all of the trains running on the track coming he would be the right guy.

With the month of this going in, they were delaying the launch, and i just took my head.

-- shook my head.

If you're a blackberry user, you just added a table, and everyone else could get on the internet.

I didn't need a new os i do not need a keyboardless version by do not need them to catch up with apple and samsung, because that did not work.

When they jumped the shark was when they made the developer video to keep on loving you.

That has been killed.

You covered the story quite a bit.

What is the sense that you got from john chen?

I've known him from his previous jobs, but it seems like this was an intelligent plan.

The trickiest part of his job right now is to come right out and say we are going to get out of the devices business.

He is not saying that right now, but this new operating system that they have is not an operating system i can live in many different worlds.

If they could get traction with that, do they have to live in the mobile world?

John jan is a guy good things about the other opportunities, especially in the services.

He is in a tricky position and that everyone knows of library because of the device.

He sees a lot of the future away from the device, but if he comes on says we are not making the device, they cannot sell any in the near term.

It was a lot of bad news cycling through, people viewed about with the committee was going to do.

Were they going to sell themselves, and what does that mean for the contract i signed?

That was eating into their sales, so was a very challenging part of the story to communicate.

I have a samsung question for you.

I saw a report you did earlier on the curved and, it seems to me that that may be a bigger problem for them than michael bay.

I do not really understand why people think we need current televisions.

Americans have had enough it into a date -- ingenuity just to put chairs and tables where they can see the tv.

Am i going to pay or money for to get curved?

Samsung would argue that if you do that with high definition tvs, and for that with all the partnerships that they side with media partnerships, cable companies, and amazon, netflix and then you have this arsenal of things that you can argoffer.

They are upgrading their televisions at a faster clip than they used to.

We are moving away from smart firms -- smartphone, so can tv be the next revolutionizerer?

What they really focused on was the screen quality the content deals that are there, and that is what they have been very busy

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