Numbers Back BlackBerry's Comeback Plan

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Aug. 15 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Gerrit de Vynck discusses a rise in BlackBerry’s shipments and John Chen’s turnaround plan. He speaks on “Taking Stock.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Quarter, marking the first sequential game this year.

The chief executive's turnaround plan seems to be taking hold.

Here to discuss blackberry is garrett from toronto.

Tell us about lack berry and this increase.

You are right -- they had a 15% increase in the second quarter, meaning they shipped about 200,000 more phones than they did in the first quarter, which sounds like good news, but we have to look at it in the context of compared to last year, which is 78% fewer phones -- almost 5 million fewer phones they shipped this quarter than the same time last year.

John thain -- john chen came in december, giving more confidence to investors.

You could look at it and say that it looks like people are at least not getting rid of them or at least not ignoring those contracts as much as they might have been throughout the past year, but it is still just one quarter, and we have to see how they kind of keep moving forward.

To we have detailed information on the models of phones that are selling well -- do we have detailed information?

The information we reported on yesterday came from the idc, which is an independent research firm.

They do not necessarily come from blackberry itself.

In terms of the models that are selling, i should point out that john chen, when he came in, brought back the blackberry bold , the phone that first debuted in 2008. very popular, and it was gotten rid of in exchange for more touchscreen kind of phones.

A lot of clients did not like that adjustment, so john chen brought that back -- this is the phone that has the keyboard?


It's the phone with the keyboard.

Do we know where this is being sold -- the u.s. or overseas?

Where is the biggest increase coming from?

These are global shipment.

The blackberry is still quite popular in some emerging markets, particularly indonesia.

One of the things john chen did was bring in lower and models, so cheaper for those consumers in emerging models, and it's doing quite well in indonesia.

Blackberry has about .5% of the global smartphone market.

Is this aligning with john chen 's strategy at the company?

His strategy has been to focus more on the business services side, not necessarily selling a bunch of handsets, which might have been what they have done in the past, but moving into selling secure communications systems and that kind of thing to large companies and government departments.

.5%, obviously, is a very small portion of the market.

It's nothing compared to what they had in their heyday.

John chen is not necessarily planning to start increasing that or selling a whole bunch of smart phones -- smartphones, but the fact that the decrease has slowed is good news for them.

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