No Thanks: Why BlackBerry Rejected Bieber's Help

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Dec. 5 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Businesweek’s Felix Gillette recounts the rise and fall of BlackBerry on Bloomberg Television’s “Market Makers.”

What is the biggest take away?

You must check this issue out.

We experimented with an oral history format to tell the whole story.

An oral history is a story in other people's words.

We talked to all different people in different roles of the company throughout the years.

All the excitement of how crazy it was to be on that ride when the company was exploding and then how sad it was for people to watch the things slip away quickly.

I loved.

You spoke to a former employee, this was the best quote regarding justin bieber.

"give me 200,000 dollars and 20 devices and i am your brand ambassador." that threw us out of the room.

They said "this kid is a fad, he is not going to last.

As far as blackberry having their finger on the polls, they missed it.

When you compare it to apple or samsung, samsung says jay-z might know what is going on.

Blackberry missed it.

It was really a marketing story in many ways.

If you go back to the early days of the company, when they had this breakthrough and creed of the first blackberry, the company was a tiny startup and -- and created the first blackberry, the company was a tiny startup and canada.

They gave it to ceo's and people were like i will take 5000 of them for everyone in my company.

We cannot trash the marketing department, they were the guys who came up with the idea of putting the desktop manager on people's computers to allow you to do remote e-mail.

It was just a strategy, working with top people at companies.

Then it became a status symbol.

In the early days, most people did not have smart phones.

Lots of tech companies are founded by nerd engineers.

What could other companies learn from blackberry?

They did not listen to the people on the frontlines.

When iphone came out, the people in the company did not think it was going to affect them.

Everyone we spoke to out there in the field, talking to carriers and consumers and clients, they saw it early.

This is a serious threat, we are seeing -- those warnings were ignored.

They have got to start marketing to consumers, the market is shifting to a consumer device.

We cannot just continue to deal with carriers and people at the top of companies.

That was ignored.

That was the moment blackberry could have done it over again.

If they had listened to the warnings and been more aggressive, they could have stayed off problems.

Thank you for the insight, felix of liberal business week.

-- of wennberg businessweek --

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