BlackBerry's QNX Replacing Microsoft in Ford Cars

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Feb. 24 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Matt Miller reports on Ford move to BlackBerry’s QNX system to replace Microsoft’s Synch for in-car technology on Bloomberg Television’s ”In The Loop.”

To the microsoft job.

Now he is taking microsoft out of his cars.

There are no details.

This is from people familiar with the company's plans.

Ford has had real problems with the microsoft technology in its cars.

Ford and lincoln ranked number 26 and 27 out of 28 rands in the consumer reports survey because of these problems.

It has been a thorn in alan mulally's side.

If blackberry can't come in and save ford will ford -- can come in and save ford, ford will end an era of reliability -- air of reliability to blackberry.

Qnx is the software company that blackberry bought in 2010. they make software that runs nuclear plants, military drones, it has to run things that cannot fail.

It has been tested.

Bulletproof stuff.

Bmw used it.

Volkswagen, audi, mercedes-benz.

All of these systems are so much leaps and bounds better than ford's system.

What was wrong with the system?

Sync offered you a lot of interesting possibilities as far as controls on the touch screen often times, it just did not work.

Sometimes the screen would just blank out.

Hugely frustrating.

That was basically the problems.

Half the time, your phone does not sync up as you would expect from the name.

It was a problem and continues to be a real problem.

It is such interesting timing.

Right after alan mulally says no to the job at microsoft, he is able to ask the contract with that company.

Well he is free to.

Thank you so much.

Matt miller on ford.

Joining me now for more in at the mobile world conference is caroline hyde.

We just mentioned that this is where all of these gadgets are unveiled.

It is a huge deal in europe for a lot of the telecom companies.

The whatsapp ceo was the highlight.

He had one big announcement.

He was adding voice service.

Tell us what more he had to say.

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