Blackberry Is Like Using AOL For E-Mail: Adamson

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Jan. 7 (Bloomberg) -- Allen Adamson, managing director at Landor Associates and Henley Smith, CIO at Commonwealth Asset Management, look at the struggles of BlackBerry and other companies to return to their glory days on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

This earlier.

This is when a brand has lost its way and trying to go back to its roots.

Is it too late?

Not if they execute and stay focused.

The right strategy for most brands in trouble is to go back to their roots.

Find out what the authenticity is, where it came from.

Blackberry came from traders and goldman who are wearing it on their belt and used it for business.

Do they have to do it differently now that they want to focus on enterprise and is the consumer really part of the game plan?

How does that affect your advertising at the end of the day?

You don't need as much enterprise -- advertising if you're going enterprise.

It has to be functionally better and they have to win that war.

They have lost that war.

It is not the perfect time because you have microsoft going after the consumer, apple with the consumer, samsung.

Who is going after the enterprise?

You need to zig when everyone else is zagging.

Another brand seeming to struggle is microsoft.

What can you tell us about its brand and its position compared to other tech companies out there?

They are changing.

They are getting back to what is the end benefit.

How do you bundle things?

They're bringing software and hardware together, which is what consumers want.

I think if they take a little bit of the magic they managed to crack in the xbox and bring it to the rest of their business, they will be successful.

The xbox seems to be the only december-basing thing that has been successful.

They got the basics right.

The right games, the right delivery.

If you talk to gamers, xbox is winning.

Rim turned to blackberry now blackberry, who knows what is next for them, but are they going to have to do something radical with the actual brand because it has become so -- tarnished, damaged.

It will be tough.

A lot of tech is fashion.

What does it say about me if i'm using an iphone versus generic?

If you pull out a blackberry, you're not considered cool.

Are you like they're your apple user?


I think blackberry has an image of stodgy and is at this particular point -- stodginess at this particular point.

Using a blackberry is like using aol for e-mail.

What advice would you give them?

Stay focused, execute well, less is more.

If you try to be every thing everybody, they will fail.

It will be a challenge because scale matters in this business and they have lost scale.

Ultimately, hooking up with the right partner makes a big difference.

Chapter five in your book is brilliant.

You talk about the marathon.

But it is not a marathon anymore.

The marathon is to be 26 miles.

Now it is 500 yards.

Does google have a marathon?

I think they do.

They are the only ones.

They take a very long view and when they do products, -- how much has microsoft destroyed their brand?

I think they have challenged it because they lost focus.

Also, their cheese moved.

There what?

Their cheese moved.

It moved away from the mouse.

They were playing their game, doing their thing, and the market changed.

Branding and in business today, if you don't stay current, don't innovate, if you just do what you did last year, you will fail.

Isn't that fascinating that happens to some companies?

What is it about a corporate culture where at some point ceos are in their bubble and they're either in denial or something else is going on?

The bigger the company, the harder it is to change.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

If it worked last year, your data that says if we do the same thing and spend this much money, it will work next year.

Allen adamson and henley smith, thank you.

I want to know what the "surveillance" cheese looks

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