BlackBerry CEO: I’m Not Seeking an Offer to Sell

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June 19 (Bloomberg) –- BlackBerry CEO John Chen discusses the company’s focus on software, Amazon App Store partnership and whether he'll sell the firm. He speaks on "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

80-20, i will stay with that.

One interesting thing is that everybody wanted to hang onto these numbers.

We are getting a refined state.

I don't want to say anything is 100% but we are fine.

We are a viable company.

We have strong balance sheets.

We are starting focus on growth.

What gives you doubts at this point?

We are all right.

The world could change.

The market to change.

I have been in business long enough to say nothing is 100%. you will jinx yourself.

Again, i don't able to focus on the 20. i want people to focus on the fact that we are comfortable about the viability of the company going forward.

You sell the numbers.

We could talk about those.

We are in good shape now.

You are aiming to get to $100 million in revenue.

Walk us through or that is going to come from.

I believe that we have a good handle on monetization plans.

Let's talk about bbm.

The most secure messaging system.

The monetization plans are in three buckets.

One is the enterprise function.

We released one, highly encrypted data messaging between two users in enterprise.

Then there is a lot of new features and functionality that will come out in that vein.

Voice and data like.

Then there is the mobile payment.

You probably know that we are the system running in indonesia that is going well there.

We just entered an agreement with in stream my canadian mobile payment system.

We are using our infrastructure.

That is another aspect of it.

The third bucket has to do with the consumer space.

We have a lot of channels.

They are great for advertising.

I have agency.

We had a couple of early successes already in that part.

The virtual groups included finger -- figures.

There are different buckets.

Depending on what area of the world we are in, we have the ability to monetize everything together.

We can get to 100 million.

You made it clear that library is going to continue selling smartphones for now.

You are going to turn into a software company.

How long will you keep the selling harbor?

If i make money on phones, i will sell it forever.

Part of the reason is when you would like us do an end in security provider, in the mobile world, our phones are a gate we have security.

We encrypted it differently.

We have the most secure devices.

In the internet of things, not everything needs to be like a phone you and i think of today.

It might be a divisive emitting signals and data, collecting data and acting on it.

On the divisive and of the equation i believe we are going to be there a long time.

It depends on whether i can make money on it.

They are able to get close to even.

We used to lose money on phones.

Now we are getting there.

You will need a couple more quarters.

When that happens, i will be in the phone business.

It is the first gateway of encryption.

I got a question on twitter.

Someone wanted me to ask why partner with a neutered amazon app store rather than google play.

The amazon app store has 240,000 apps very google play has more than one million.

Amazon and us have a lot of things in common.

Especially they like our base.

And, we work well together.

I am not going to explain everything but amazon is a good partner today.

It helps us to address one of the major needs of mine.

I need apps.

Some of them for consumer, some are prosumer.

I need that.

I don't have enough volume or money.

I am spreading resources then.

This way it will help me to focus on building enterprise space.

My resources should be plenty now.

And amazon mahogany build a base of the consumer.

-- amazon will help build the base of the consumer.

There is a bunch of reasons for that.

We have been talking for a while.

It is a great thing that we did it.

Lice last question.

Use a blackberry is not for sale.

What could change that?

It is a standard answer.

I run a public company.

I do this for shareholders.

What could change that if somebody would have to put a number on the table where all my shareholders cheered and my members feel proud of and my customers don't get negatively affected.

I have a duty to take a look at such offers.

But i am not seeking one.

Should one come i have to look at it.

You have to look at it but you don't want to sell.

How strongly would you actually an sitter?

At this point, no.

It would depend on how strong the offer is.

If you offered $100 a share i would call you back.

There you have it.

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