Black Friday Retail Data Doesn't Matter. Here's Why

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Dec. 2 (Bloomberg) -- The first spending decline on a Black Friday weekend since 2009 reinforced projections for a lackluster holiday, increasing chances retailers will extend the deep discounts already hurting their profit margins. Michael McKee reports on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

Was so-so.

We have more on what the shopping season means for the consumer.


Why are we talking about this?

The numbers that we're talking about, as they are every year, only guesses.

They're usually wildly inaccurate.

They tell us nothing about retail performance.

Everyone is quoting this morning -- ibm, adobe, none of them are offering valid, technical data.

I do not know why everyone takes this seriously.

Look at the number that deirdre was talking about.

Ask people how many shopped.

What they forecast is about half of what it actually is.

What they count as anyone who went into a store or when on the computer and clicked on an ad.

They're guessing and how much it is just a guess.

People spend less per person this year.

Retailers say there was again this year, but they sell a 3.5% gain last year.

They are only up about one percent.

For someone who does not want to talk about this, you talked a bit.

I want to talk about the auburn game.

There were some great videos of people watching that.

Maybe that is why people were not out shopping.

Today is cyber monday.

That is part of the problem.

Going on the internet for convenience, but also to find the lowest prices.

Interestingly, it is living up to its name.

It was created in 2005 as a marketing ploy.

The past two years, it was the highest traffic shopping day.

What we're talking about is not -- it is important to make this point, not more shopping.

It is a shift in when and where we shot.

Here is the sales from last year -- cyber monday, look what happens in december.

That will shift because of the calendar this year.

We get a one-month bump.

It will not last.

Thank you.

Mike mckee.

We have a great lineup.

Chris birch, the founder of a

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