Can Cricket Flour Make Your Cookies Taste Better?

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Aug. 18 (Bloomberg) –- Bitty Foods Founder Megan Miller discusses cooking with cricket flour and creating food products with sustainable protein. She speaks on “Market Makers.” (Source: Bloomberg)

The company that makes and sells this buggy blend.

I'm really going to try to be an adult about this and need a cookie and not me with doubt.

Why'd you pick crickets?

Crickets are a close analog to crabs, lobsters and other foods americans eat.

But they are extremely sustainable.

They can be raised from egg to adult in six weeks and use hardly any water at all.

We have a couple of bags of cookies made with this cricket flour.

How many crickets go into one cookie?

Are probably about 25 crickets in each cookie.

They are very high in protein.

That raises the question for me -- i like to cook and i do some baking.

All-purpose flour is typically somewhere between 10% and 12% protein.

It's mostly starch.

Cricket flour is higher, which raises questions about how easy it is to bake with.

We have developed an all purpose flour based on cricket flour, but it also contains the starches you need to make baked goods.

If you used pure cricket powder, you get 70% of the vote -- of the protein but not the baking powder.

So this is significantly higher than any other flour out there.

You get sustainable protein that you can use to make your cookies or muffins or whatever.

The point here is to ultimately sell the flour and the cookie as what?

A protein alternative to meet or soy?

Is it something else?

Is it just a great tasting cookie?

We are creating a range of food roddick's all enhanced with this sustainable protein -- range of food products all enhanced with a sustainable protein.

We are looking at a future where meat is going to be more expensive.

We are trying to harness a new kind of protein and bring it into the food system so we can help feed millions of people who may not have access to available from team all the time -- available protein all the time.

Ask a bag of flour from you would cost about $20 as opposed to the white flour i would get at my grocery store.

What is a going to take for your company to come in line?

Hour cost will come down as the market for edible insects scales will stop it is not a real comparison with regular flour.

This will be on par with the price of soy in a couple of years and a better comparison would be to compare crickets to soy, which is another alternative source of protein.

It actually takes about 280 gallons of water to grow one pound of soy and it takes one gallon of water to grow one pound of crickets.

As more farmers start growing crickets we can use our food production, the price will come way down.

Alix knows i don't have an issue with insect protein.

Where -- when i was in brazil, -- we are showing a picture of me eating a black cricket.

It's not live, it is dry.

How do you get the rest of america and for that matter, the rest of the world that doesn't already consume insect proteins -- there are populations, in mexico for example, where crickets are a staple part of the diet.

How you get everybody else on board with the idea of insect protein?

Right now, about 80% of the world's cultures eat insects.

It's really only the western world like the u.s. and western europe that the holdout.

That's why we started turning them into a powder.

This allows us to incorporate them into familiar foods americans are used to eating like cookies.

At the end of today, we are not a cookie company, but cookies are an interesting talking point and they are shareable and they are something people can start with to taste this new protein in a way that's not scary.

It's not a flavor that's the problem.

The insects are quite tasty.

But you need to get away from the foreign factor and take away the creepy crawley factor.

People are prepared to eat shrimp or crabs, for example, why wouldn't eat crickets?

I'm the one who is really creeped out about this.

He's like whatever.

We're about to try the chocolate chip cookie.

With 28 crickets in one of these cookies.

You first.

I'm in.

They smell good.

Oh, god.

Taste like a chocolate chip cookie.

You have done well.

They are tasty.

I'm having psychologically a hard time.

I'm looking to see if i can find any -- we have run out of time.

We will have to continue the conversation off-line, perhaps on a future date will stop -- on

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