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Dec. 12 (Bloomberg) -- Jacob Blackstock, CEO and creative director of Bitstrips, discusses how the company evolved with Pimm Fox and Cory Johnson on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

Joining me is the cofounder and chief executive, jacob black stock, known as bob.

This is a nickname i have had since i was six years old.

And you have been doing these comics since you were six years old.

How did you get to the world of technology?

I have always been interested in technology and comics, i have been making animation since i was a little kid.

I may comics with my friends, we put each other into comics, to embarrass each other or get each other in trouble at school, and basically, that led me to the idea of why can everyone have that kind of fun that we are having.

Eventually, technology got to the point where they made it possible for everyone to put each other into comics.

The experience of art is so often in a dark room, a solo practitioner.

Some of the darkest people i have ever met.

Everyone has left that out.

Say that i want to do a comic using your physical image.

What would i do?

I would come to your website?

We would have to be friends on facebook, you can only use your friends characters.

You visually communicate and interact with your friends.

Let's assume we are friends on facebook and i have gone to the app store.

I have gone to the app store, this is the place i go to download this.

This has helped your business?

People have districts and their -- bitstrips in their pocket and if you are at the coffee shop or trying to hail a taxi, you say that this should be a comic.

Bitstrip lets you do that instantly and because of that nature it has gone viral across the world.

You take the picture from your phone and it converts into an illustration?

You have about 2000 scenes we are adding to every day, and if you and your friends -- like the classic man on a desert island.

You are the man on a desert island.

How do you make it look like a person?

You get to choose every different person.

Children can decorate different individuals and the haircolor, eye color.

You can create an avatar.

This can be however you want.

This is not just a drawing of you, this is like over -- like a living, breathing character.

You can really use this to convey anything that you want.

But this is not comics when it comes to investing.

You have horizon adventures.

We were just announcing this today, we closed the first round of funding and the private investment firm of lee caching -- ka-shing, their pedigree of investment includes things like facebook -- we are not -- we could not be more excited to be part of this.

You have been on facebook for four or five years.

Bitstrips has been around for five years and we just launched on facebook one month ago.

This is amazing.

We launched this on iphone and this became the number one app on the app store.

This stated number 1, 4 months, becoming number one in 40 countries around the world.

With 90 countries and in less than two months we saw 30 million avatars.

Have you considered revenue?

We have ideas for that but right now we are focused on making the experience the best

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