Bitcoin: Spreading the Cashless Cash-Like System

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Jan. 17 (Bloomberg) -- Irwin Simon, chairman, founder & CEO at Hain Celestial and Bloomberg’s Matt Miler discusses the expansion of bitcoin acceptance on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.”

Bitcoin holding.

You can only use it in the gift sure -- store.

You will be able to buy tickets through that pay.

-- bit pay.

This is a big deal.

Is huge.

Tom keene said it is like beanie babies.

Beanie babies could never buy you in ba tickets.

I have bought concert tickets and plane tickets with bitcoin.

I have bought groceries at that going.

Is there really -- he said something really interesting as he went to break.

You actually said we might take it.

What did you mean by that?

We discussed it.

It is not for us.

Do have clients saying you want to pay in bitcoin question mar?

Is a hot trend up there.

With all the things are happening with credit card fraud out there, there is an application here.

Why not?

If it cost you next to nothing to take it, if you end up with dollars in your bank account the same way you would've some he paid with cash anyway, why not take it?

Overstock started taking it and they did $126,000 worth of business in the first day.

That is not a lot for

Are people just using regular money?

It is credit cards and identity.

I get amazed.

People do not want to be trapped.

This is a way to create a cash like system.

It is not fully anonymous.

Look, you can track interactions between wallets.

You don't have to connect your name to a wallet.

It is like using digital cash.

A lot of people want to use it for different reasons, but that is one of them.

I hope this is not go the way of napster.

I hope it can stick around.

We wish you could stick around.

It was so good to have you here.

We need to get matt some juice.

I had one.

I drank one of these this morning.

I feel a lot healthier now.

You look at.

I did not even know you're coming on.

You can pay for it with bitcoin.

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