Biomass: Harvesting Electricity From Waste Straw

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Feb. 11 (Bloomberg) -- David Williams, Chief Executive Officer of Eco2, discusses the new generation of biomass power plants. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's “The Pulse.” (Source: Bloomberg)

More accustomed to.

It has been proven.

One of the main criticisms is that this takes away plant trouble crops for things that we each.

It is the opposite.

We take the byproduct of food production.

Buying straw puts more money into the rural economy.

We are buying the bit that the farmer does not want.

In the old days, it was burned in the field.

Now, it is loud back into the field.

Give me a sense of how much this costs.

If i were to become more green, using your technology, how much to have to invest to start with?

This is transit you are building.

What do i do as a consumer?

You will buy from your local supplier and the supplier has the obligation to buy first.

We have a power purchase agreement.

It is done through renewable energy policy.

How much does it cost you to build a plant?

How much power does it give?

I have been building these plants for 16 years.

I have been in renewables for 25 years.

The typical cost is 170 million pounds.

It takes a lot of money to do it.

The one that started running had a for banks.

-- four banks lending for that project.

Biomass is something we talk of, but is it scalable to a point where it makes a difference in terms of energy consumption in this country?

It is a missed opportunity at the moment.

There is an over focus on overseas timber.

It has become a political matter.

In trying to prevent that, they have thrown the baby out with the bathwater.

There is a potential for susie 5000 rural jobs for no extra cost.

All he has to do is shift the focus away from offshore wind and into u.k. biomass.

Mamet david williams of eco2. bloomberg the first word is up next.

For our viewers, a second hour of "the pulse" is coming up.

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We will talk about what this means.

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