Bing's Efforts to Connect Brazil's Favelas

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Feb. 18 (Bloomberg) -- Bing Senior Director Stefan Weitz discusses Microsoft's efforts to map Brazil on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

It's a misnomer.

80% of those who live in these places are middle-class in brazil.

Worldwide, 865 million people live in these types of areas.

These are very connected.

These are places that have about one percent of gdp in brazil and have a tremendous penetration of mobile devices today.

They are taking a function change above where we were maybe 15 years ago where are huge number of people under 30 in these places have internet access on their person.

How do your efforts compare to google?

You don't get much if you search this term.

The government has asked google to remove that word because it is controversial.

15 years ago, there was a kind of pejorative term because they were dangerous lice is across brazil.

In the last number of years, the government has stepped up effort to bring them more into the mainstream and reduce crime and increase services print we look at this as an opportunity to take people who today have this -- they are not on the map -- it is very disempowering.

To see the tying goal in their eye when they can see their street or address or school show up on the internet, that has dramatic social and psychological effects.

It makes sense for you guys are made business perspective.

What about the next step?

There is talk about tying this into the microsoft investment.

That's quite a leap.

The cool thing about this is once you will the geo-mapping infrastructure, the entrepreneurs in brazil can build things on top of that that we might not understand.

You look at payment systems in africa, and around the world, it is forming the skeleton so people can build applications and services.

It makes sense of the populations in these places.

What about the affordability to access the internet?

We have about 90% of people under 30 who have access on their devices so that is a big step.

We no longer have to ask how we getpc's or devices in here, they already have them and have internet access.

The blue don't have electricity will have cell phones.

That is the big change.

It is allowing us to do this.

What is the timeline for this?

Brazil is hosting the world cup and the olympics, when will we see a mapping presence?

That this is not the only answer.

We are at the global innovation summit this week in silicon valley working with many government officials to say what else we need to do.

What does the country need to do to empower these people?

You will begin to see things rollout later this year.

The overall initiative has been going on for quite a while even in brazil and we thank we can contribute a small part of the technical piece of the situation.

The government and the ngo's have been doing great work for years.

Facebook has made its mission to connect the world.

They have partnered with samsung and nokia but what does that mean for microsoft?

Nokia is a partner but if you look at facebook in nigeria or areas like this, you have facebook being used as a great commerce platform.

They find jobs and make payments.

It's about how to build an infrastructure and tap into the infrastructure already in place.

It allows these economies would have better scale options and uses than they have today.

Let me ask you about another story -- there were reports out of china that you guys were censoring your chinese language search engine.

Can you respond to that?

Sure, it's not true.

The report was that we were censoring for simplified chinese inquiries.

It's simply not true.

In the u.s., there is no censorship of chinese language queries happening.

Can you elaborate on your experience with the new regime in china?

Has anything changed for got more difficult?

Not that i have seen and the reality is that we have to abide by the local laws but outside the country, everyone doing these things or these queries in these languages are free to do what they want to do.

Thanks so much for joining us today.

It is the company behind the

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