Billionaire Investments: Soros vs. Buffett

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Aug. 15 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Su Keenan examines 13F filings by billionaire investors. She speaks with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television's "Money Moves." (Source: Bloomberg)

Give us a peek at what they are buying.

What themes are emerging?

There is a love-hate relationship between fund managers and apple.

Gold is on the outs.

George soros fund took an almost five % -- five percent stake in the company last quarter, joining carl icahn and betting that bill ackman is wrong.

He told charlie rose there is only one reason for the recent monster rally.

Quick simply because carl icahn and others have been promoting it.

They believe in carl icahn more than they believe in you.

Certainly on this investment that has been the case.

Meanwhile, filings show that apple shares fell last quarter and big funds were biting.

Soros doubled his stake.

Other funds hit so.

Billionaire john paulson, a whole on gold last month, cut his stake in half.

S.e.c. capital shrank by $2 billion amid reductions.

There were some surprising moves by warren buffett.

A value investor known for putting his money where his mind is.

He bought wells fargo for the ninth straight quarter.

His latest by of general motors bought that -- brought that to $1.4 million.

He also invested in suncor, a canadian energy company.

Meanwhile, there is buzz over and initially overlooked aspect of george soros's filing.

His biggest position appears to be a $7 million put against spider etf.

Many funds take bullish and bearish positions.

That is the point of a hedge.

This is a much bigger hedge van we have seen before.

Su keenan joining us from the newsroom.

Thank you.

Or more on activist investing, we bring in

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