Billionaire DeJoria Enters the Streaming Music Game

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July 15 (Bloomberg) -- John Paul DeJoria, co-founder of John Paul Mitchell Systems and Patrón, discusses his ventures, including wireless phone service Rok Mobile, which offers unlimited text, talk, data and free music. He speaks with Pimm Fox on "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

Create high-end headphones as well.

John paul dejoria, thank you for being here.

America still works.

Clearly, something is working.

Rock mobile will go on any smartphone, whether it is an android or iphone.

It makes no difference.

What it is, for music lovers, it is a dream come true.

It gives you access to one of the world's largest databases of music, where you can download on all of your devices as much as you want.

There is no limit.

There are over 22 million songs to pick from.

In addition, you get all the phone calls you want, all the texting you want, all the data you want.

No contracts.

It's a new way of doing things where it's all-in-one.

And its 4995 a month.

-- $49.95 a month.

That's it.

Many people have phones but don't have music.

They can't afford it.

Those who have music complain that their bills are so high.

With this, the family can have everything they want and there are no additional cost.

With people, there are a few moving parts.

We found a way to pay for this along the way so that we are not beholden to anybody.

All the technology between the state of washington and everybody in the united kingdom.

We have it all.

We own it all.

We have the highest technology.

It's similar to paul mitchell.

We launched the finest hair care products with little to no money.

Let's sit back and explain how is it without actually owning the network that you are able to now offer four g service?

Whose network do you use?

Very good question.

There are four major networks in the united states.

To we have already partnered with.

By using them, depending on which network you want to go with, they get their piece of the pie.

The music companies get their piece no matter who has it.

It allows them and the artist to make more money.

On top of that, i am giving to certain charities four percent of the gross for a year.

A lot of people say that is stupid because i am doing that before i make any money.

It will be a while before you get your money back.

We found that even if it means you get your profits later, it's a good way to do business.

And in a year or two, our base will be so big that i will get the money back eventually.

And i will do some good in the meantime.

Did you have to go out and find specific agreements -- sign specific agreements with music companies?

We certainly did.

It is interesting talking about artists.

Guys like helping out tennessee.

They are part of my four percent of the gross.

It's part of the music industry.

And they will get whatever they get for their songs, but on top of it all, they want to lend a helping hand.

A lot of musicians are the same way.

We have more on what he is doing to change the world next on "taking stock." ? this is "taking stock" on bloomberg.

I'm pimm fox.

I am joined by john paul dejoria , who is the cofounder of rock mobile.

Your music.

That's online.

You're offering that is part of a telephone service with data and so on.

You're also an entrepreneur when it comes to distilled spirits.

How did you connect all these things?

Petrone is very -- i want to mention on rock mobile also, you can use it for free for two weeks.

See how the compressed music sounds even a much better.

Free for two weeks.

No phone calls, just all the music, free.

As far as the marketing of this goes, are you connected with a larger marketing team?

It's all underground.

Our team is a small team.

We have a few moving parts.

We use social media to spread it.

If you can get everything you want, music, phone calls, texting, data, for 4995 a month.

You're going to want to tell friends about it.

How did petrone tequila turned itself into a global br brand?

At one time it was underground.

We were hoping that someone would pay the money for this high-quality tequila.

Because it was so expensive to make, we went door-to-door selling it.

Went to spago's in beverly hills and other bars and restaurants saying try this out.

Or i would go to a bartender and say i will buy you a shot of tequila.

Test this out.

They would say what is this?

I would say this is the new wave of tequila.

A paul mitchell, we would bring in 3000 top hairdressers from all over the united states and the world and give them free petrone -- petrone tequila.

They were government ask for because it was so good.

The key to underground marketing is if you have the highest quality product bar none, you want to be in the repeat business, not the selling business.

It has to be so good that people repeat it.

As you know, patron became the world's number one tequila.

I think was also appreciated is that every race, color and creed is treating themselves to patron.

It's not just one particular group.

It's a world blend for all people to enjoy.

We did the same thing with paul mitchell.

You mentioned quickly going door-to-door, actually showing up.

That seems to be a hallmark of the success you created.

I learned that in my early 20's selling encyclopedias door-to-door with no appointments.

It works.

We did it with paul mitchell and the beauty salon.

Patron the same way.

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