Bill Clinton: I’m For Whatever Hillary Wants to Do

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June 25 (Bloomberg) -- Former U.S. President Bill Clinton discusses a possible 2016 Presidential run by Hillary Clinton at the Clinton Global Initiative in Denver. (Source: Bloomberg)

They need to learn to function in a modern society.

I am told we have time for a last question.

I will not ask you about such -- secretary clinton and her decision to run for office.

If you feel like sharing that with us, we would be happy to hear that.

Whatever she wants to do.

[laughter] this is a rewarding thing.

That is one thing i want to say to all of you.

The fundamental fact of power in a highly integrated, interdependent world, is that it is more dispersed.

The good news is, you have more of it.

You can come here and form alliances and drastically increase your impact.

The bad news is, people are trying to have wrecked things have more influence as well.

The traditional nationstate all over the world is under stress, which is driving some people to support more authoritative and -- authoritarian government.

We do not want that in america.

It is not like you cannot have a meaningful life outside of all caps.

It is not like politics are not still important.

For the rest of the life for everybody in the room, you will live in a time where power is more dispersed and the competition exercising in positive and negative ways will probably go to people who are most effective in recognizing realities and organizing and deploying.

Whatever she decides to do, she will do good.

What does that mean about you?

You have spent more than a decade out of office devoting your life, creating an extraordinary foundation to the public good.

What would a return to the white house for your family mean for the foundation and the work you are meaningfully gauge -- engaged in today?

I hope we would be able to continue to do what we do, but that we would set up certain roles and be totally transparent so that no one would think someone was helping the clinton foundation because they want an edge with the federal government.

When hillary was secretary of state, for example, i cleared every speech i gave, particularly those i gave, as i do every year, to raise money for the foundation, i cleared in advance with the policy would be taking funds from non-american sources.

The white house developed a policy where you publish what the policy was and i reported every penny we got.

If we made a mistake, someone would see it.

I do not think we should shut down the clinton initiative, for a program that now gives aids medicine to more than 6 million people in the world.

75% of all the kids.

We should not have to shut it down.

If she were to run and become president, the last thing she needs is for me to be on -- underfoot.

[laughter] i would not help.

Whatever i have to do, i would do it.

Just like i did for president bush, you need to show up when you are summoned.

Oh well.

[laughter] i do.

But i hope that we can keep this . because this is a part of

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