Bill Ackman Is Up 30% in 2014, Beats the Market

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Aug. 26 (Bloomberg) -- Bill Ackman’s two-year bet on Burger King is paying off as the U.S. fast-food chain soared in trading. Julie Hyman reports on “Market Makers.” (Source: Bloomberg)


I think a back man, i think of all the bad headlines we've seen this year.

-- of ackman, and all the bad headlines we've seen this year.

But he is done really well.

He's up 30% on the year.

It's not his best year ever, but he has outperformed the market, which is better than we can say for a lot of other hedge funds.

He is actually the number two shareholder of burger king, behind 3g capital.

He's the third -- the third-largest holder is tiger global.

A lot of high-profile hedge fund quotes," unquote smart money.

He is up 30% year-to-date.

To give some perspective, his best year ever was the year he founded pershing square capital back in 2004, when the fund was up 42.2%. he did well in 2005, gained about 40%, in 2009 gained about 40%. 30% isn't the highest of the high returns, but still, not so bad.

Herbalife, for all of the bad press, actually has done really well.

That is what so amazing.

You go back to july 22, when the gave that much ballyhooed presentation that lasted about three hours on herbalife.

When he said he was really going to conclusively prove this is a pyramid scheme.

I know you and stephanie talk to them ahead of time.

He likened it to the fake trading rooms at enron.

Enron, right.

That is quite a claim.

It worked out so well for him.

It didn't live up to the billing, the stock went up on that day.

Shortly thereafter, herbalife came out with earnings and missed estimates.

If you look at herbalife shares, they are down 26%. but since he has a short, that means it is good news for ac kman.

It's one of the positive sides of the ledger.

You have to wonder where he will go next.

He wouldn't have any redeemable money.

He could raise y 15 million and really put it to work.

He could in theory began to operate a bit more like a private equity firm, in the sense that it isn't redeemable capital, so we can make longer-term bets that are subject -- pershing square is not like a fixed income arbitrage fund.

It is an subject to the same kind of redemption risks.

All the same, he is in it for the wrong man -- he is in it for the long run.

Sometimes those risks pay off.

He has a couple of big ones that are pending.

Fannie and freddie, he is the second-largest shareholder of both of those companies after the u.s. government.

So far, it has worked out relatively well.

Both stocks are up on the year.

He has flipped again there is well.

But he is a lawsuit that is outstanding against him.

He owes the common shares.

Some of the other shareholders have tried to bet on the preferred shares of fannie and freddie.

They are also struggling with the government to get their way.

He has a lawsuit, where he says the government has illegally taken the profits from those two companies, when they should belong to the public.

There are still a couple of question marks, and herbalife is still a? as well -- a question mark as well.

Canadian pacific has done great.

It was a huge home run for pershing square.

Howard hughes is another big real estate play in lower manhattan.

And general growth.

General growth i think he is

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