Biggest Bull on Wall Street: JPM's Tom Lee

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Dec. 16 (Bloomberg) -- On today's "The Roundup," Adam Johnson, Trish Regan, Matt Miller, Julie Hyman and Cory Johnson wrap up the day’s top market stories on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

Is the biggest bull on wall street.

He upped his target for the end of the year to 1825. the previous target with 1775 and the market closed above that level for a few days.

We think all the drivers in place are therefore the upside.

The s&p will finish 2014 at 2075, up 17% from today's level.

He expects part of the upside to come from better earnings and a further expansion.

You're willing to pay a higher multiple.

He is the biggest bull by far.

They really start to roll out at the end of the year beginning next year.

The next highest is only 1955. not everyone has even come out with that.

2014 for 2014. they represent the banks.

We think things are going to go higher.

However, overall, incentive across the board is much better.

You think about going in the last year.

A our salesmen before?

-- they are salesmen before?

Not just salesmen.

We hear from all of them.

It makes me a little bit nervous.

When you were interviewing rapini, he was not overly pessimistic.

When you think about which multiple you want to use, you are talking somewhere around 15 times earnings.

Broad markets such as softbank's, the telecom company acquired sprint in july.

The third-largest carrier, it could push ahead the t-mobile bid for the first half of next year.

They got a real big gain when china mobile selected the same wireless standard that clearwire had.

That means they can have phones operate in china, japan, and the u.s.. they are going to have to stay on that network.

I don't mean to make light of the report in any sense that sprint is looking to make a bid for t-mobile.

How long have you been covering telecommunications?

When was the first time you heard a rumor of sprint trying to buy a piece of deutsche telekom.

It was 1999. they are constantly looking at each other.

This is a different kind of deal with softbank behind the 500 year plan.

The only man in the world that has lost more money.

T-mobile, it was billed as the greatest deal that was ever going to happen in telecoms history.

I was in seattle.

Hank you for helping me feel young today.

Mobile phones, it turns out it is not just the nsa that is under fire for that.

Ikea is determining if company executives broke the law by ordering personal investigations into employees.

They were recently fired after a year-long medical leave.

She says ikea gave private investors access to social security numbers and personal cell phones.

Because they thought she was not as sick as she said she was.

She says the company spied on hundreds of employees approving more than $654,122 from investigators between 2002 and 2012. she is saying that -- she was diagnosed with hepatitis c but property -- traveling to property she owned in morocco.

They went so far as to pose for someone with the flight company, the airline to say that she could get a free ticket.

Building ikea more -- building ikea more than they ended up paying her.

France is the worst country you could possibly take to do something like this.

Public sentiment in france has been very against the company as a result.

The u.s. is probably the best.

Investors are going nuts for luxury.

Shares jumped more than 45% on the first day of trading in the lawn.

Raising 681 million euros, italy's biggest ipo since 2001 and the biggest since product.

Revenue is expected to rise 16% this year and 18% next year.

That is according to documents used to make the listing to investors.

What is the price of one of these quilted down jackets that cory has?

Don't let expenses run amok.

They are $1200 and are selling like hot cakes.

Can you explain the appeal of these things?

A $500 jacket?

This is what it is all about.

This is what it is for.

There have been high sales of a lot of ims jackets.

They are everywhere now.

They are all the rage, especially with the ladies.

If you go into a store, it will be packed with ladies who are taking them out in handfuls.

The one in soho, olivia was telling me they had 200 day.

I said a sleeping bag coat, they are pretty cute.

I don't have a problem, julie has the issue.

It has the lower east side luxury feel.

I am surprised there are $1200. i thought the starting price was lower than that.

It is like tesla, the ticket prices actually higher.

34% of the sales are in italy and in the rest of europe, it is about 30%. it was the hottest thing for them to wear on the slopes.

I agree.

Let's talk about a high ticket item, the ticket to new zealand.

James cameron has signed a deal to shoot the next three avatar sequels in that country.

The first avatar film is the highest rose movie of all time and earned $2.8 billion worldwide.

He said the movies are expected to inject $413 million into the economy.

New zealand quickly becoming an alternative to los angeles and other places.

They govern me -- the government raise the rate to budgets offered the filmmakers.

They will probably get the full 25% rebate.

The numbers are fascinating but i love watching that movie.

It is it your favorite recent film?

I bought a 3-d tv so i can watch it at home.

That is serious stuff.

This robot is not the stuff of

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