The Differences Between Japanese, American Whiskey

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Jan. 22 (Bloomberg) –- Flatiron Room Director of Whiskey Education Heather Greene and Bloomberg’s Cristina Alesci discuss the backlash over the Suntory-Beam deal and the differences between American Whiskey and Japanese Whiskey with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television’s “Taking Stock.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Are bourbon and ride.

So, yes, jim beam have wonderful whiskeys they have been making for about seven generations now.

A day after the deal was announced that there was an upper on social media.


Just because they can?

Do they think that anything will really change?

Can you only make bourbon in a specific area?

To be called bourbon it must he made in the united states, made with 51% corn, aged in american barrels, a whole bunch of parameters to call it bourbon.

We do not have to worry about it leaving american shores.

But i -- a lot of people were concerned about that.

A little about that.

And also education about what w is.

But nothing will really change in the production of this whiskey?

No change.

And they are no strangers to making whiskey.

They have been making whiskey since 1994. they have been doing it for long time and they do it well.

And don't japanese companies have a long pedigree of making excellent, high-quality whiskey?

Suppose they do.

There is another brewery -- they do.

There is another paris, miy agiko.

They do not have as much exposure in the united states.

It is starting to fly off the shelves.

When i went to get one of the suntory products for today's show, it was gone.

They are starting to fly out the shelves as people recognize how delicious they are.

And whiskeys, they are allocated.

Once they sell out, they cannot -- she will be turning you want to whiskey.

She can definitely convert you.

Is japanese whiskey production any different from the u.s. methodology?

The japanese method is similar to the way that scotches made.

Whiskey is an umbrella term.

There are different types of whiskey.

There is scotch whiskey.

One type of scotch whiskey is single malt scotch.

Yamazaki in particular has been studying the art of scotch whiskey making and bring that back to japan.

They will continue to refine that process.

Did they approach it differently though then say -- the traditional whiskey or scotch makers we think of?

There is a slightly different approach.

I was in japan about two months ago.

I visited one of the distilleries there.

They are different from the scotch whiskey industry, where i worked for a long time.

The philosophy in japan is about refinement, as i said.

Essentially it means continuously fixing or changing or improving all the time.

So a yamazaki 12 today may not taste the way it does in 10 years.

Scotch is not made that way.

You do not want to mess with tradition.

Which is fine, too.

They are not going to change.

You have written about the fact that there is a certain type of new york are drawn to whiskey.

Right now it seems like that.

Is that the geeks?

I think i would call it the chic geeks.

I guess for the lack of a better word, nerdiamsm is really cool.

How much would you spend for japanese whiskey?

How much?

About $70. all right.

Appreciate it.

Heather greene.

In charge of whiskey education

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