Big Data Versus Fast Data: Which Is More Effective?

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Aug. 18 (Bloomberg) -- Tibco Software Founder and CEO Vivek Ranadive discusses big data versus fast data and managing a professional basketball team. He speaks on “Bloomberg Surveillance.” (Source: Bloomberg)


Small stuff . it was all the rage -- 10 to the minus nine a few years back.

Now it is big data.


Vivek ranadive, founder and chief executive officer of tibco . he knows that your llb needs saaf.

That enough jargon for you?

What is needed is fast data, and it is something that bloomberg lives every single day allsop you need those two seconds beforehand versus the big data after the fact.

Many of the 20th century companies would have you believe that big data equals big database.

Those companies tell you that you have lost the customer or that you have a power outage.

With fast data, we prevent the customer from walking out the door.

We want to make the customer the offer before he leaves.

If i am on delta airlines and you represent delta airlines is one of your customers, what do you sell that -- delta air lines on fast data?

If there is a weather delay, with slow data what would happen is that the entire airline value chain will be disrupted.

I look at a large starbucks, three cups of coffee -- what about cinnabon?

To me, they know everything that is happening in real-time and can combine that with historical information and they can give you something to make you happy even before you have a chance to become unhappy.

Does that mean they will try to sell me something, or will they give me an article that i might find interesting and want to read?

It could be information, it could be the perishable inventory.

If you sit at one of my games and you tweet that you had cold pizza, i picked that up.

Rather than waste the headstock -- conduct of the parking, we give that to you and you are happy before you become unhappy.

Talking about hewlett-packard and ibm and getting this discussion started about the future of tibco, why is big tech so cheap?

The non-social media type company.

Why is it so inexpensively priced?

I think that is not something that should be the case.

I think there is a lot of friends the right now are rampant -- a lot of frenzy right now about companies that lose largest sums of money.

They have good cash flow but don't seem to be viewed as the sexy investments.

But i do believe that there is an argument to be made that many of the older companies will get replaced.

So there is some justification for that line of thinking.

A lot of activist investors have looked at the zoltek companies, think -- at these old tech company's and thinking there is opportunity there.

One said it wanted to actively engage tibco's board in dialogue.

Can you give us an update on that?

Not really.

If you have a profitable company that is basically well run, you can be a target of activists.

If you lose large amounts of money and has racy multiple -- crazy multiples, there is nothing that activists can do.

It is august.

People are getting smarter.

You are a scholar at the harvard business school.

That is the lebron james -- this was after m.i.t. the lebron james of mba.

What should people study as the curriculum?

We looked at 50 gigabytes of data, more than generated in the tightest of the nba, just for the sacramento kings.

Best of all to me is a big data problem.

When i coached my daughter's basketball team, i converted it to a mass equation.

-- mass equation.

Should lebron have gone to sacramento?

[laughter] how do you take those 30 gigabytes of data to make my experience better watching the games?

We pick up everything they put out.

We can give you an experienced that is actually customized to you.

We know what your likes and dislikes -- if i tweet "i am with my best bud and we are at" bump bump bu mp, that gets stored?

If you say you have cold pizza or are with you are bud, we can take the sentiment and look at what kinds of things can convert action into intention.

I don't know if i should be scared or think this is really cool.

Literally -- i am putting all this out there on social media but you are using -- a little too late if you are putting in out.

It is if you opt in.

If you opt in you get the cool stuff.

He was grand marshal at the india gate parade yesterday in new york city.

That is why he is in town.

A lot of fun?

It was a blast.150,000 people there . oh, my gosh.

One parade?

They had madison avenue shutdown and it was a huge honor to be part of it.

Tom, why don't you get us started?

Shocking to see the series of misinformation and true information out on twitter this morning with news agencies catching up and culminating three hours ago with the national guard being called in by the governor of missouri.

This is going to be an incredibly important 24 hours for america.

All i can say is that it harkens back to 1963, which i remember vividly as a child.

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