Big Data Drives Competitive Advantages: Richards

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March 20 (Bloomberg) -- David Richards, president/CEO at Wandisco Inc., discusses the state of the U.K. technology industry and his company’s efforts to expand the use of big data across various industries on Bloomberg Television’s “Countdown.”

David richards.

He joins us now.

Thank you for joining us.

A number of things to cover.

Let's start with the budget announcement.

The alan turing institute, you are quite impressed.

I am amazed.

The government has done a really good thing.

Alan turing is thought by many including me to be the grandfather of computer science.

You name a meeting room after him in your offices.

That is right.

He is a hero.

A legend to many computer scientists all over the world.

Back in the day, he was put in prison and really disparaged.

Now, he is getting the credit that he deserves for all the work that he did.

What difference will this institute make to the u.k.? you have also been quite critical of education in computer science in the u.k. you say it doesn't live up to the u.s. by contrast, our experience in the u.s. where we take fresh graduates and sit them down in front of the computer, they can start coding, do job and so on.

We don't really get that experience in the u.k. this is an important first step in tackling the problems of the education system.

Our education system was designed 100 years ago.

Traditional industries like banking, finance, we do that very well.

The digital economy, however, i don't think we have done a good job with that.

You made big strides in 2013. sales jumped, bookings up i-87 present.

You won new business, big data contracts.

Tell us about that.

Tell us the strides you are making in this world that is big data.

A business that could reach $50 billion by 2017. the announcement, i think -- it is a very traditional industry.

You wouldn't imagine adopting this new technology so quickly.

I think it points to -- we are in the middle of a tech renaissance right now.

This is new stuff, important stuff.

I think big data will be the fundamental source of competitive advantage across all kinds of different industries.

Utility companies like british gas, banking, finance, those industries too.

Those people who aren't aware of this, will you explain what it is?

The independent analyst firm idc says it is a de facto big data platform.

Explain for us why we care.

Back in 2006, yahoo!

Decided they needed to become a big data company.

If you look at all the companies out there today, facebook, twitter, ebay, amazon, they are all really big data companies.

Their platforms are built on big data.

The data was born with google.

We have two of the original creators of -- with the acquisition of a company last year.

This is happening very quickly for us.

It was in november 2012 we made that acquisition.

2013 was all about building products.

Mark mentioned some of the forecast we have seen for this industry.

You give us your take on, how big is this industry now?

How big is it going to be?

I think we have to go back in history.

In the 1970's, we had these big things called mainframes.

If you were going to implement a software system, it was likely a mainframe system.

In the 1990's, we got client servers.

That was a disruption in the marketplace.

Disruption creates new companies.

Out of that was born microsoft, intel, network storage, oracle, now we have this thing called big data.

That is to client/server what client/server was to mainframes.

This is disruptive to the overall digital economy.

This is the fundamental service.

Data is so critical.

We announced a deal a couple months ago with uci medical.

Using our technology, they save people's lives.

They can predict days in advance -- that is amazing.

The health-care sector is something that you are working on.

You do have presence in china.

Give us an idea of how business in china could grow and what your feelings are about the economy there right now?

China has scale.

Government -- all of yahoo!

Runs on about 40,000 nodes.

They have massive implementation.

It is a huge opportunity for us.

We set up in chengdu.

We are very excited about it.

Thank you very much for joining us, david richards.

Just ahead, from puppets and stop motion to high-tech computer designs.

We will take you through the evolution of animation.


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