Big Changes Coming to the NSA?

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Dec. 18 (Bloomberg) – Bloomberg’s Phil Mattingly reports on the just released recommendations by a White House panel on the NSA which includes cutting back at the core of the section 215 program which is the bulk collection of U.S. phone records. He speaks to Trish Regan on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Youth and the recommendations are theoretically to introduce major changes in terms of how the u.s. conducts intelligence.

Phil mattingly is going to all of this right now.

Tell us, you are looking at this, what are the biggest changes that the panel is proposing as a result of this report?

No doubt about it, these recommendations are major.

They are not just scratching the surface or things on the periphery, this is cutting at the coal -- the core of what the national security agency does.

This task force was put together by barack obama today.

We have a look at the recommendations today that were given on friday, they include cutting back at the core of section 215, the bulk collection of u.s. phone records.

They are saying a couple of things.

One, they want limits placed on how things can be collected and they do not think the u.s. government should be the people storing the data, that it should be stored by a third party or the telecoms themselves, meaning they would have to get an explicit order to query that information.

There are about 46 recommendations here, including the prison program, which was also revealed by edward snowden.

One of the key things there, if they ever pick up anything from a u.s. citizen they would immediately have to purge that.

I think that is what people thought the rule was prior to the snowden disclosure, turns out that was not the case.

A number of other things here about putting civilian officials on top of the nsa, splitting cyber command, things of that nature.

Really major reforms here, but something to keep in mind, jay carney hit on this today in his press conference, the president does not have to accept any or all of these.

Over the next several weeks we will be reviewing the review groups report and its 46 recommendations as we consider the path forward, including sorting through which recommendations we will implement, which might require further study, and which we will choose not to pursue.

Obviously the president leaves for vacation on friday to hawaii for the holidays and jay carney said that he expects he will take the report with him and that he will meet with advisors over the break and early into next year.

At some point in january the president would give a speech announcing which of these recommendations he will take and laying out what he wants to see from congress going forward.

All of this obviously coming

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