BHP Potash Mine Investment Questionable: MacDonald

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Aug. 20 (Bloomberg) -- Lucy MacDonald, global equities CIO at Allianz Global Investors, discusses the state of BHP Billiton as the company comes to a decision on investing in its own mine as the potash market declines. She speaks on Bloomberg Television's 'On The Move."

Move up.

We've seen the trough in the bond yield.

That is a place where cyclical companies will do it.

They are likely to do better on that.

There will be a change in the june or july time.

It is more favorable and there are macro place.

Chinese pm i's are stabilizing -- pmis's are stabilizing.

Thank you so much.

Let's get more on glenn core.

The company is taking on a $7.7 billion charge.

We have caroline hyde with the very latest.

These numbers are better than expected.

On the prophet-side if of things.

It was ahead of analyst estimates.

Commodity prices are cushioned by production.

It is up five percent for coal.

Also, the key take away was some .7 billion dollar write-down -- $7.7 billion write-down.

That is what is being singled out as the key take away.

It takes away the synergy from the coming together of xstrata and gl encore will be recognized more in the board future -- forward future.

The industries are seeing their profits declining.

They say, look at our marketing area and we are

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