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Aug. 7 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Businessweek's Brad Stone discusses the purchase of the Washington Post by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos with Erik Schatzker on Bloomberg Television's "Market Makers." (Source: Bloomberg)

So what is in this for jeff bezos other than overpaying a bit?

He gets an incredible, historic, storied media asset.

I think he has an operating philosophy that is very affordable -- very portable.

Darting from a customer, working backwards and taking a long-term view, experimenting a lot and letting things fail.

He's been successful with that and has brought things like that to blue origin,company, now we will see if he can revive the media company.

Does that mean he's going to tolerate low margins?

The way he has tolerated them at amazon?

May be no margins.

The post is losing money and will continue to lose money.

It's a drop in the bucket for him.

He's a very wealthy individual and i think he will allow the post to experiment and let the traditional print business probably sunset gracefully.

He has said he doesn't think there will be print newspapers in 20 years and not a lot of people do.

I think investing for the long- term, trying to turn it it into a digital franchise.

What part of that is him wanting to get involved in politics?

He hasn't been a political but amazon has sent $2 million lobbying in the first half of the year grade what can we learn from that?

We don't know if in the back of his mind he saw the post as a way to increase the volume of his voice in washington.

It's a fair assumption to make.

I know he thinks of amazon as a fraction of what it will become in the future.

It was a $60 billion company last year and could be a $3 billion company, sort of walmart scale.

When that happens, there will be 20 of regulatory and legislative issues.

Does it give him a seat at the table in washington?

Horribly so, but there are better ways to influence congress area tell us more about the man.

What makes him tick?

Building historic businesses, trying to build lasting companies, certainly that is one.

But he's also incredibly competitive area if you are an amazon watcher, you see how he has tracked down and surpassed in quick succession, barnes & noble, ebay, zap those -- i'm going to interrupt you -- i'm going to ask you about what he's doing in the desert with this space exploration venture and this clock he's putting in the middle of the mountain.

Recovering apollo rocket engines off the floor of the ocean.

Is the post going to be a sideline for him just like things are a sideline for a man with too much money and more time than he knows what to do with?

He pursues his passion and he's passionate about space and long-term thinking.

Frankly, he's passionate about the written word.

He's a huge reader and his wife is a novelist.

Perhaps the post fits into that as well.

He will be a very busy man

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