Bezos Can Unchain WP’s Digital Potential: Narisetti

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August 6 (Bloomberg) -- Raju Narisetti, Deputy Head of Strategy at News Corp., discusses the Washington Post sale to Jeff Bezos and what that could mean for their digital business. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's “Bloomberg Surveillance.” (Source: Bloomberg)

A those -- jeff bezos, what does he have to strategically initiate at "the washington post"? they had a strong quarter for online revenue.

Hopefully mr.

Bezos will unchain digital business from the legacy burden of the family owned and run newspaper and allow it to become as big as it can be.

That has shown incredible traction.

How can "the washington post" and other media giants compete against the likes of politico?

"oppose" competes relatively well.

Audience wise, it is significantly larger online.

-- "the post was go competes relatively well.

No room for sentimentality in the media business but plenty of room for sentimental capital.

Does he need to expand readership from among policy once in washington?

Circulation has gone from 800,000 currently less than four hundred thousand.

I think it is in the middle 400's in print.

People forget "the washington post" in print has a single plant and only sold in counties around the washington area.

It is online where 80% of its audience comes from outside of the washington area, both from the u.s. and overseas.

And i think there is significant room for expansion.

How might the culture might change with the new leadership?

It is difficult to say because it will take some time for mr.

Bezos to figure out who he wants to run the newsroom and business side.

For now it looks like status quo.

But clearly the graham family has a strong impact.

They are running the business side of "the post" even though there is no family member in the newsroom.

It will slowly change over time.

Like i said -- good to be apart from the legacy burden of the family-run family-owned newspaper.

Former managing editor from "the washington post" with his

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