Bezos Can Afford to Lose Money Forever: Bronstein

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Aug. 20 (Bloomberg) -- Phil Bronstein, former executive vice president at the San Francisco Chronicle, discusses the future of newspaper publishing with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)

We're talking about the newspaper business business.

What about technology?

Can technology help revolutionize the business and help it survive?

I do not think technology has destroyed the business.

I do not think greg newmark destroyed the business.

Craigslist did take a lot of classified advertising but technology is the one thing, if we look at technology, that is where the audience has gone.

Particularly looking for a younger audience.

They are doing inks newspaper companies are still not doing, in terms of using technology.

For instance, technology and data, those are huge areas 4s. how do you converge contemporary technology with journalism?

Getting engineers together with journalist saying had we worked together to to use the latest technology?

The problem is that used -- newspaper companies have done this step-by-step.

What about a subscription model for tablets?

Does that work?

Again, i do not know for sure.

The chronicle, let's say they made a million dollars on the pay wall.

There is still a pay wall.

I can't figure out what it is for.

They would have made a million dollars on ipad apps for their customers.

That is $3 million.

When you have a 200 million dollar business, it is a drop in the bucket.

These things are not the endgame for newspaper companies.

When you say newspaper, you are consigning them to a certain debt.

The orange county register doubleday's reporting staff, more than hundred 50 people.

It is twice the size of the l.a. times.

Why is it working there?

Somebody is paying a lot of money.

We are a nonprofit.

We rely on contributions.

They are not looking for a return.

I think the register, are they looking to make a business or public service or both?

What are the chances you give the register?

What are the chances jeff bezos will succeed?

If he is willing to look at the washington post as a charitable contribution, because it is a for-profit company, he can afford to lose money forever.

As long as he is willing to lose money, what does he want to save at the washington post?

You want to save the unique journalism.

Phil bronstein, former executive editor of the "san francisco chronicle."

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