Beyonce Shocks Holiday Walmart Shoppers

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Dec. 23 (Bloomberg) -- Strategic Group's Burt Flickinger and Citigroup Global's Steven Englander discuss holiday retail sales on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance." (Source: Bloomberg)

The wall?

Walmart has difficulties but it generates so much in revenue it is not going to go out of business.

Their same store sales will be negative for the fourth straight quarter unless target saves them from target cap attaching itself.

Kmart-sears combination having a really tough time.

Big-box stores -- their inventory management is poor, they are cutting working capital, raising stock dividends and buybacks.

Leadership has been lost.

That is the wrong way to go.

In this season, is it because people have migrated to other stores or online.

Or is it because we are not shopping at the a combination of the two.

We are browsing, not buying.

Walmart was notorious for the second year in a row for having doorbusters.

Our team across america saw that people would go in, doorbusters were out of stock, they have been freezing for hours waiting.

The weather was from brooklyn or chicago.

They said we are not shopping here anymore.

We are going to go to macy's or someplace that is in stock or we are going to go to amazon online.

That is why comp scores, internet sales up 25%. in addition to big-box stores, penney and sears and midtier department stores are getting hit.

Consumer electronics -- officemax, unplanned obsolescence as a scarlet indicated.

Stephen engle under of citigroup, you track currencies and strategy.

Part of the burst of shopping we have seen from overseas over the last couple years has been driving those numbers higher.

The dollar has been strengthening.

European and japanese forests do not get enough bang for their buck.

Coming from an emerging market is not as pleasant to shop.

You do not pay for the trip as you used to.

Europeans still doing pretty well.

Brits doing better than they used to.

One of the problems seems to be is that there are so many malls.

A lot are anchored by stores like sears and jcpenney.

If people do not go to those stores, they will not go to the mall?

The in-line tenants are really in trouble.

B and c malls, in addition to bankruptcies, beyond loehmann's, a lot of people in the malls -- restaurants or retail -- decline in customer accounts is compromising many of those.

They are shutting down.

To the mall owners credit, they are shutting down these anchor tenants and putting in more interesting things.

Community centers, decent restaurants.

They're doing their best to bring people into the mall and getting sears out.

That is right.

Destination malls are working.

You have to have a great retailers.

If you do not, to michael's point, you have 3 times to 4 times more retail square footage in the u.s. and other countries.

What about high-end luxury, kanye west is saying louis vuitton's prices are too extreme.

Have we reached a point where they have raised prices to an extent that we have reached a tipping point?

Kanye may not pay up to keep up with the cardassians.

-- keep up with the kardashians.

Blueberry, hermes, doing well.

Speaking of celebrities that all viewers know.

Not a place you expect to see bfa doing shopping.

We have been talking about walmart.

She would be at bergdorf's. is that a good place to go?

She dropped by walmart in massachusetts.

A place i would not expect to see queen bey.

Talking to fans over the loudspeaker.

She offered to pay the first $50 of every customer is shopping bills.

And she did.

That is pretty awesome.

She gave out gift cards.

She stopped by because her new album has just dropped.

That is what we say.

That is what they say.

That is what kanye says.

Beyonce's problem dropped only at walmart.

Other retailers were really upset at beyonce for getting itunes a 10 day closes.

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