Beyonce Is Good at Keeping Things Secret: Goldstein

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Dec. 13 (Bloomberg) --'s Seth Goldstein discusses Beyonce releasing an album exclusively on iTunes with no advertising. He speaks with Jon Erlichman on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Hey, hey.

I do not adjust to do that.

Beyonce's new apple made headlines.

How far did she really push the new boundaries.

Joining me is an electronic music company.

Most artists releasing music on itunes these days.

How innovative is a beyonce being here?

She is being really innovative the more i think about it.

You cannot buy any track right now.

You have to buy the full album.

It will not be available until next week.

She has bungled and videos for every single track.

At the -- $15.99, it is next.

-- almost like an event.

It is like you are buying a ticket to experience a beyonce in a way on items that you cannot do anywhere else.

Doing it this way, did he give her the ability to say you have to buy the whole thing?

In a society where we are a one track mind.

Buy one single if you're going to buy one at all.

She is going against the grain.

Albums have given way to songs.

Songs are being remixed by djs.

She is saying stop all of that, i am beyonce.

I am the star.

I am going to determine how you consume me.

This is how it is going to work.

She shows her power as a diva.

There are not many more who can command that kind of price point.

Unlike something like daft punk where there was a lot of hype and prerelease music a leading to the release, by the time the full apple got relief, we felt like you heard it before.

This is all about the music.

-- by the time it got released, we felt like we had heard it before.

My friend said is all about the music, not to the hype.

She tells about the idea of better connecting with fans.

Earlier, you said a lot of people like to get their hands on some earlier.

The idea of uploading the sound of cloud or ability to put your own spin on an artist's music.

This a new world of music.

She is connecting to the band -- fans, this is her art and these are her tracks.

Nobody is going to do anything to them as far as she can tell.

She is in control.

By breaking this on instagram and having access to twitter and facebook and all the other channels, she is interacting with her fans.

Her fans are listening to this at the same time as the critics which is unlike getting a prerelease aversion to the critics and getting feedback.

Is this hard to keep secret?

That is what i wonder.

How do you fly around the world and put this together and nobody knows?

She has proven like her husband, they are very, very good at keeping things secret and out of the public and controlling all of the tapes and versions.

There are so many leaks and holes for all of the different

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