Better for Business: Twitter or Facebook?

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Nov. 5 (Bloomberg) -- Niraj Shah, CEO & co-founder at and Rick Heitzmann, managing director & founder at Firstmark Capital discusses the merits of Facebook and Twitter in helping a company sell its goods online and build a consumer base. They speak on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”


It seems that today is a pretty good day, too.

I think twitter is going to be a good offering and the internet has a lot of momentum in terms of these companies.

Rick heitzmann, is that a lot of money?

For anybody it is a lot of money.

Is that the whole holding in the company?

Is that what they're going to be worth?

I think that is what they are worth.

That is since 1999. i think that is what the equity is worth or they want to assume he doesn't trade up.

They're expecting it to trade up, 20 to 30% at least.

I think that is the mood point.

In your retail express online, how to use twitter to help your business and make sales?

Twitter becomes a platform that is used for bunch of things.

We pass information out, it is a great communication medium.

A lot of folks are getting the news and information that way.

We have a lot of passionate consumers.

Contessa to facebook right now.

Think facebook is much more of a platform or people can indicate with the friends.

So for wayfarer and furniture, twitter is more important?

I think we do more on twitter and interest them we do on facebook in terms of -- shameless plug of interest.

That was just outrageous.

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