Best High-Tech Wages Are Found in San Francisco

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Aug. 25 (Bloomberg) -- On “Single Best Chart,” Scarlet Fu examines the average wage growth for high-tech versus office workers in San Francisco. JPMorgan Senior Economist Jim Glassman also speaks. (Source: Bloomberg)

There is funny of that in san francisco.

You are doing better if you work in the tech sector.

The yellow line shows the average annual wage of san franciscan high-tech workers.

$156,000, up 19%. the blue line shows the average wage for traditional office workers.

$132,000. that is the premium.

This is government job data that was crunched my a commercial real estate firm.

This is not silicon valley.

This is not the suburbs.

This is despite the agreement to keep wages down.

This is the cartel.

They increase even despite that work they did.

They were trying not to poach each other's workers.

This is the heart of the matter for this president or the next president or the one after that.

We have two economies.

We have code writers and then we have everybody else.

Code writers are creating services and products that are displacing routine work.

That is the challenger people with mid-level skills.

Is the unemployment rate really 6%? i think it's more like nine.

When you add these people that are hidden, the tech sector is not the problem.

The news story this year is california was lagging in the national economy.

Now they are starting to run ahead of it.

Part of that is because of all of the activity.

Boston is seeing the same thing.

Part of it is what they wear.

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