Bernanke Makes 250K in First Post-Fed Speech

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March 5 (Bloomberg) –- On today’s “The Roundup,” Julie Hyman, Matt Miller, Alix Steel and Cristina Alesci wrap up the day’s top market stories on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Janet yellen.

Let's talk about ben bernanke.

He earned more in 40 minutes then he made all last year as head of the central bank.

He was paid $50,000 for his first public speaking engagements since stepping down.

His annual salary for 2013 was under $200,000. at this conference in abu dhabi, attendees paid $200,000 each to -- $2000 each to listen to them.

We talked about family and sports.

You are paying this guy $200,000 and it evolves into that?

If you are getting paid that much, don't you feel an obligation to say something that is actually worth much money?

No, not at all.

One newspaper did the average and it's something like $11,000 per minute for bill clinton.

He makes three or four or five times.

Can you actually get that much information in one minute?

It's all relative.

But we are looking at abu dhabi, compared to say, pittsburgh.

He made about three hundred $34,000 in today's dollars.

And that was a private meeting.

This was a public event and that was private.

Ben bernanke says he can now say anything, but we all know that is not true.

I am looking at traders convicted for fraud that resulted in a record loss.

It is what they're calling the tierney of finance.

Jerome kirby l began his 875 mile walk after a brief meeting with pope francis.

Either way, his rosaries are blessed.

His lawyer said he risked being jail as his last appeal was rejected this month and he has been deprived of everything in a lasix month, but he's a free man, so walked -- everything in the last six years, but he's a free man, so he walked to meet the people.

77% of french responder saw him as a victim in this whole scandal.

The french have a healthy respect for disrespect of authority.

When i lived there, i cannot tell you how many times i saw somebody jumped the turnstile in the subway in new york city.

-- how many times have you seen somebody jumped the turnstile in the subway new york city?

Quite a lot.


In paris, everybody jumps the turnstile.

Everybody thinks that the jump -- the turnstile is just a free ride.

The french like a rebel.

You don't think that they threw him under the bus?

He is not the for breeze tour of socgen?

Didn't he actually steal money?

He lost about $70 billion in trade and made fraudulent documents and e-mails to showed that he hedged stuff when he didn't, and that is why the losses were so big.

That is when he was saying that he was falsely accused and was a scapegoat.

Speaking of running -- i'm talking about walking, not running.

Ac milan is up for sale.

Owned by the former italian prime minister silvio berlusconi.

That is according to three people familiar with the matter.

Lazard is the investment banker on this and they have been sending what some call in the industry extended teasers out on the team to potential buyers.

This is a team that is worth about $945 million.

It is not a cheap team and it the sixth most expensive stock in the world.

This is your scoop.

You broke the story.

That is what was behind the more salty language we were hearing in the newsroom.

We had to get it sourced up.

Anymore on the buyers for that?

It has to be some deep-pocketed asians, people are speculating.

The other milan team was sold to a group of indonesian buyers.

Why not russians?

Or the russians, because they own premier league teams, including, i think my chelsea, and manchester united, right?


It has to be somebody who has a pretty open-ended checkbook.

Even though berlusconi and his company spent so much money recruiting these players to the steam recently, they have not been able to move up on the scoreboard.

They are ranked number 10 in the italian rankings.

Is it a heavily invested in portfolio?

Oh, yeah.

But even bigger, because it's soccer, you know.

What do you have for suckers?

-- four soccer?

It's for kids.

You are just saying that because there are better looking guys out there.

Speaking of better looking guys, the winchester boys are headed into space.

Unfortunately, they are not staying.

I'm kidding.

They are using bitcoin to get there.

Tyler uighur boss, happy to announce that 2winklevoss and i have used bit boring -- bitcoins to become virgin galactic astronauts number 700, no doubt and 701. they are two technologies that meaningfully represent our focus . the statement goes on and on.

I think it is an incredibly lengthy statement, but it's such a cool thing because you've got space, right?

You've got richard branson, whose awesome.

And you got the point.

-- you've got it going was a is this an attempt to unvarnished -- unvarnished bitcoin from all of the mt.



maybe it is to improve their name.

What a bad name.

Think about how many times we are going to talk about it related to richard branson.

Well, you brought it up.

Is it a pr stunt at the end of the day?

No, i'm sure they want to go to space.

Do you not want to go to space?

I want to.

If you did want to go to space and you were superrich, it would be pretty awesome.

I would rather spend my money on a ferrari or something.

I would do both if i had that much money and they do.

How long will they have to wait if they are 700? because nobody has gone yet, right?

No, not yet, but assuming they take 10 people at a time, right?

Maybe it is a virtual trip.

No, it will be real.

I think it is pretty awesome.

Watch out, ellen, because terry shipman and his dogs are trying to take your title.

We also saw the selfie that ellen napped at the oscars.

It got the most retreats.

But terry, who just about 10 days ago only had about 20 followers, he's trying to beat mr.


-- ellen.

This guy just kind of came out of nowhere.

It is him and his yorkie.

I'm not sure with the other dog is.

And he has just joined twitter.

You could think, is this a hoax by one of the late-night host?

But his son is one of the people that follows him, and his son appears to be a teenager, young guy who has been tweeting for a while.

Does this make twitter uncool that a person of his demographic, assuming that he is of facebook demographic, is actually on twitter?

No, he just loves puppies.

Dogs, puppies, and babies, the three things that you should never put on said because nobody else will take -- pay attention to what you are doing.

That is it.

They are done.

I do not find it very interesting, no offense.

How could you not?

I do, but i don't love these qb dogs.

I like the fact that the common man can try to get as many as alan.

It is admirable.

Thank you, ladies, even you,

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