Bernanke: I Don't Pretend to Understand Gold Prices

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July 18 (Bloomberg) -- Su Keenan recaps today's top commodity stories. She speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Bottom Line." (Source: Bloomberg)

We will start with a pop quiz.

What high-profile economist admits he does not have a clue about gold prices?

Ben bernanke . this came out on capitol hill today when he told lawmakers that gold stock was not a bad thing.

The gold price going down is not necessarily a bad thing.

People are less concerned about really bad outcomes.

Nobody really understands gold prices and i do not pretend to understand them either.

Like he said it is an unusual asset -- he said it is unusual asset that people hold it as disastrous insurance.

Fiscal -- physical demand has kept gold higher in recent sessions.

Big moves and energy, this is to set up for tomorrow.

Oil is above 108. natural gas, which gained five percent in the regular session.

You can see unchanged and extended trading.

That raises a good question.

When does that cooler weather get here?

For most of us, how do you stay cool?

The official temperature hit 100 degrees this afternoon.

It was in the high 90's in central park.

Up and down the east coast, people got creative.

Natural gas has been on a wild ride as a result.

It is directly impacted by extreme weather and related demands for ac.

Volatility has fallen to the lowest in a week on signs that we will have easing on crops after this hot weather passes.

This has hurt the crops thus far.

Heat is expected to end this weekend with some thunderstorms.

Su keenan, thank you.

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