Buffett: Beware Massaged Accounting Numbers

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March 3 (Bloomberg) -- In today's "Morning Must Read," Bloomberg’s Cory Johnson recaps the op-ed pieces and analyst notes providing insight behind today's headlines on Bloomberg Television's “Bloomberg Surveillance.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Morning must read -- i read it and so did cory johnson -- this is a tradition in my house right and up on saturday morning before anyone else when a letter from warren buffett comes out and read it.

I want to talk about the funky accounting he talks about.

What does all that mean?

Non- gaap is the issues.

Companies report that when they are trying to massage the numbers.

Guess what money -- it guess what company use that term the most?


These are corporations rebelling against conservative issues.

The corporations are saying not -- don't look at our real numbers.

They are smoothing it out to the bare minimum.

I thought it was telling that warren buffett suggests a conflict.

He is buying more ibm but also criticizing the accounting

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