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Nov. 22 (Bloomberg) -- Carl Berg, founder and director at Berg Pharma, explains his company’s partnership with the U.S. Department of Defense, using big data to fight prostate cancer. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)


In your instance, you are using it in health care in developing new medicines to treat cancer.

Tell me about this partnership with the department of defense.

Why are you working with them on prostate cancer?

It was a very good opportunity for us because of the fact that our system works on having the biggest number of people that we can look at to see a diseased person as opposed to a healthy person.

The department of defense has thousands and thousands of cases and the data from those people in those patients, we are able to take that table and look at it.

We are able to, uniquely, take the data that they have.

They have cases where they have records of the people before they got the prostate cancer and after.

That is the perfect situation for berg because we can look at the data of the healthy person and what changed after that.

Then we take that and use our technology that was developed internally to go and look at the differences between a healthy person and a diseased person.

That leads us to drug targets and markers that will tell us how to look for that type of cancer.

I want to get to how you analyze that data.

But is it true that in the military, there is a higher rate of prostate cancer than in the general population?


It is my understanding that military pilots have about 50% higher than the normal population of prostate cancer and that black pilots also have a higher rate than white pilots.

Those are the kind of things we are going to look at and try to determine for the department of defense what causes those deviations from the regular population.

How are you using that data?

How are you using the data that is different from other drug companies, other firms, how they use that data to try to get to treatment?


the typical drug company uses a chemical approach.

They go out and look for a chemistry lab and come out with chemicals that they make their drugs and targets out of.

We do a totally different approach.

We take all of the information and we eliminate no information whatsoever.

We take all of the information we can get from these healthy and diseased patients.

We run that through a supercomputer and do 41 trillion transactions.

At the end of that program, we come up with drug targets that will tell us this is the protein drug we should use.

Proteins rugs, since they are all existing in the body, -- drugs, since they are all existing in the body, have no side effects and no toxicity.

Have you started trials?

The first drug we haven't trials right now is our cancer drug.

We are doing cancer trials in houston.

And at cornell in new york city.

We are starting sometime in the month of december.

You do not know yet if your approach is more successful than the traditional approach by drug companies.

We have a lot of anecdotal evidence to say that it is.

Our animal studies and all of our testing says we are going to have spectacular results.

Until we have those results, you cannot be sure.

One of the most interesting things is we have -- as you are probably aware, the test for prostate cancer is the psa test.

That has been determined to be unreliable.

We have 4 markers to look for our state cancer.

They stone our preliminary evaluation, -- we have 4 markers to look for prostate cancer.

Based on our preliminary evaluation, they are 98% accurate.

We believe it will be in the 95% effectiveness area.

It is a $15 billion a year marker.

You are also the ceo of a company that rents out space to big tex companies like apple and microsoft and many others in silicon valley.

You wear that -- rented out space to big tex companies like apple and microsoft and many others in silicon -- tech companies like microsoft and apple and many others in silicon valley.

Why are you doing this?

Berg pharma has unique capabilities for doing biology and understanding biotechnology.

We believe this will be the answer to health care that will be much faster and much cheaper.

Carl, very interesting.

Thank you so much on the work you are doing.

The founder of berg pharma and

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