Benmosche on Cancer: I Was Never in a Dark Place

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Aug. 28 (Bloomberg) -- AIG CEO Robert Benmosche sat down with Bloomberg's Betty Liu to discuss what it was like being given a terminal cancer diagnosis. (Source: Bloomberg)


I never was in a dark place.

I felt the hardest thing is telling denise, then my son and daughter was very hard on me.

But those are the things, and then close friends.

To be able to say to them, unfortunately there will be a time frame here.

But let's think about all the things we can celebrate.

So my first thoughts went to keeping them in a good place.

That is why they all drive me nuts, how are you feeling?

I am feeling fine.

Are you sure?

A lot of that in the beginning?

It has not ended yet.

Everyone says how are you feeling?

Very irritating.

When someone has a terminal illness, how do you think they feel?

If they feel of pain here or there, what good is it for them to tell you i am in pain and need of pain killer?

What can we do to be doing exciting things?

It is about thinking of your life and enjoying your life until you don't have a life.

Betty liu joins me now with her exclusive interview.

Did he tell you what kind of cancer it was?

I asked and he said even chilly he may but he does not want to right now.

The reason is interesting.

He said he does not want to get people false hope.

He said it was a very common type of cancer, not rare.

He had been on experimental drugs.

One drug extended his life for three years.

He said he was really an extreme of those that would survive.

He said he does not want to give people false hope that if they take the same pill they will see the same outcome.

R he looked good, sounded pretty upbeat.

Was there anything in his demeanor that went to you to think this is a man who only has a short time to live?

I wanted to emphasize he was in high spirits when i went to go see him.

We went on a tour from 8:00 until 11:00. he was on the go.

He was showing me his vineyard, his villa.

Part of that is because he is on a new treatment into feeling better.

I want you to hear what he said about where he is now in the treatment.

They say i am stable, which is a big word.

I was not stable for the past six months.

I went through a study that did zero, so it actually sent me back.

The cancer with web and check for three or four months.

Right now they feel they have stabilized it.

I will know in another month or so whether we're making good progress or not.

This is to underscore the spirit he has.

We were texting back and forth.

One thing he said to me is the disease is an incurable today, tomorrow is another day.

He always looks toward the future.

I imagine that helps and whatever to -- in addition to

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