Benioff: Tech in Schools Is Only Part of the Answer

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Oct. 7 (Bloomberg) -- Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff discusses his $2.7 million gift to modernize San Francisco's schools. He speaks with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Huge commitment to the san francisco unified school district and we wanted to make the best in san francisco.

We deserve it.

We have this amazing wealth creation in the technology that is being created.

Great companies.

We need to give back, if a normal place to get back.

That's a phenomenal waste to give back.

They came to you asking for ipads.

You said to think bigger.

That is exactly what happened.

I have been putting computers in schools since the mid-1990s possible.

And the computer is not enough.

It is part of the answer.

The other part is money, the principles need money to be able to do what they need to do to make the technology worked.

They need people.

We have thousands of employees here in san francisco.

We ask all of them to do at least 4 hours of volunteer and -- volunteerism and it is paid.

That's a huge catalyst.

$2.7 million is the biggest donation and the school district history.

How do you want them to spend the money?

To figure out what the next 2.7 million dollar needs to be.

We need to come in with bigger resources and capabilities and the principals, mayors need to articulate a plan where they can show us the right targets.

The kids and san francisco need more and better health care, education photo we have to get them off the streets and the shelters.

This is an important time and san francisco.

We need to be giving back to help the kids.

What i am a new parent.

I have been thinking a lot about the school system.

We have some the most talented people in the bay area.

Why aren't the schools, why is there such a disconnect between the tech community and the school system?

There is a history in our industry that we have been a philanthropic.

That is changing.

You look at the new generation of entrepreneurs at uc philanthropic gifts that are happening.

We need to let them know that they can keep the money here and san francisco.

We have zynga on board.

Hot you more companies involved?

Web invention lies in our -- we have been invented our evangelizing model.

That was ev for us when we started with a no profit -- easy for us when we started with no profit.

We gave up a half million hours of volunteering.

We also run 20,000 nonprofits for free.

That is really the beginning of salesforce.

It is 14 years old.

We are having a phenomenal run as a company.

Because we made the decision that we would give back when we were more successful, we can do more in today's and that is evident.

How do you term into a scale of a model?

Wealthy people can get money.

How do you make for long-term improvement?

How do you scale what you are doing?

You can scale with we are doing by giving more.

There's a lot of resources.

It takes money, people, and technology.

One of those by it self is not enough.

Do you feel there is a disconnect between the technerati and real people and sever cisco?

-- and sever cisco -- in san francisco?

I do not.

There are people who wanted to give and support the schools and the homeless shelters.

We cannot create it on our own.

We need to be a public/private partnership.

We are lucky to have a great mayor.

Talk about google and facebook.

Jobs in silicon valley.

There has been criticism that it creates a different part of san francisco.

They do not use public transport will stop the housing prices are higher.

What do you make of that?

I do not agree.

What is happening is we are seeing the genesis of an incredible new city on this planet that is getting elevated by the technology and a great city like london and tokyo and new york and san francisco.

You are seeing san francisco be, full of these resources.

Those kind of medical amorphous or change or evolution -- metamorphism or change a you are seeing it now.

But -- do you find it important in terms of attracting talent?


All of those things.

We said we want a new technology model, cloud computing.

It is working out great.

We want a new business model which was subscription-based economy not just a license model.

That we wanted a profit model.

Those were our three goals.

We hold these philanthropic events whether at the school district or the children's hospital, for homeless children, that is part of what we want to do.

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