Benioff: Oracle Is a Vestige of the Past

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Oct. 7 (Bloomberg) -- Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff discusses the 2013 Dreamforce conference, the company's growth strategy and competition with Oracle. He speaks with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

120,000 people and san francisco.

We have phenomenal programs.

1100 sessions on social computing, cloud, mobile computing.

Green day is playing.

We have a lot of surprises.

Sheryl sandberg will do a keynote.

We have some phenomenal speakers on health.

Wayne dwyer is coming.

Is there one single message this year?

There is which is behind every one of your apps is a customer and we show you why customer relationship management is more important than ever before.

As you mentioned salesforce has been growing, 35% every quarter you have managed the company for growth.

You're been asked this question before.

Profits are slim.

How long do you think it will continue to work?

Our focus and main focus and this has been very important and as you said it is working is growth.

Growth is the most important for us.

We'll do everything necessary to grow and that is why you see even in this year, we gave guidance over 4 billion in revenue at 30%. you have not seen a technology company in a wild.

That is because we have a focus on growth.

Even the acquisition we did with a phenomenal company in indianapolis.

What's your third one percent last quarter.

Oracle group -- you grew 31% last quarter.

Oracle grew smaller.

What are you doing right and what are they doing wrong?

I was there for 13 years.

The first time i put computers in school was in a public school a few blocks from here in the bayview.

I was with oracle.

Oracle is a phenomenal company with a phenomenal leader, larry ellison who is my mentor.

Oracle is very much about the server model.

That is not what customers want today.

Adding features through cloud computing.

How do compete?

They have not delivered.

We deliver the best cloud computing in the world am a social, mobile.

By their conference, they are rolling out new mainframe computers which are great computers if you want to buy computers.

That is not cloud computing either.

We are in a great place because enterprises need to go to the next generation of computing.

That next generation is the cloud.

What i know you watch the americas cup.

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